Innovation: the key to improving productivity and sustainability in the construction industry

According to data of the study Global Construction Outlook 2020, It is estimated that the construction industry will grow from USD 8,5 million million in 2015 to USD 10,3 million million in 2020 and according to the study Real Estate 2020 PWC It could reach USD 15 million million to 2025.

On the other hand, According to data of the Nations United in 2012, expected that the urban population exceed the 6 one billion people to 2050. This same organization indicates that you for 2025 There will be 37 mega-cities in comparison to the 23 that it currently exist.. This growth of cities, It will be necessary to increase the productivity of the sector and of course sustainability, innovation is the key. That's that then we show you some of them that are being developed.     Read more …


CES 2017: Anniversary no. 50 fair's most important technological innovation worldwide

How it is traditional, every year on this date we deliver the outstanding that leaves the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), annual event which takes place in Las Vegas, United States. This year the event, It is perhaps the most important worldwide related to everyday technology, held its 50 anniversary since its first version made in 1967 in New York City.

In a column of opinion for Forbes Mexico, Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, before you give home to this version, gave some data interesting. For example the first version brought to something like 17.500 attendees with 117 exhibitors, to overcome the 165 thousand attendees in 2016 and the 3.800 exhibiting companies of 150 countries. Points out in addition that in these 50 years have launched more than 70 MIL products.     Read more …


50Anniversary of Star Trek: influence technology inside and out of the world audiovisual

2016-10-25In September of 2016 is commemorated the 50 ° anniversary of the issuance of the first chapter of the series original of "Star Trek". By this reason is carried out several activities and ads regarding the saga to celebrate. One of those examples is that in February of this year, professionals of the National Air and Space Museum, of Washington D.C., began with the restoration of the single model to scale of the ship USS Enterprise, used in the production full of the series original, Another example is that this year it premiered the film "Star Trek": "Beyond", What's safe left happy and expectant to them "pinata", as is les calls to the fans of the saga.     Read more …


Drones: a promising market for the development of new technologies

2016-03-01When published "Cases of CREATECH: latest air technology, under an innovative business vision in SISAR Ltda" This technology was soon being used for other purposes that were not military. Some time later we published"Drones: military technology to civilian and commercial needs service”, and already some new applications were being studied., However flight rules were not very clear and the prices were not accessible to all. Today, two years after that last article, the use of drones not only has diversified but also mass.     Read more …


Consumer Electronic Show 2016, a preparation of what we will see in the technology market

2016-01-21Between the 6 and 9 January in Las Vegas was the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), one of the most important technological events worldwide. Every year CES surprises the audience with new technological advances, some of which will be available to consumers in a near term, while others only will be subject of exhibition. This year was no exception, so below we provide a look at the highlights of version 2016 CES.     Read more …


Smart Textiles, new space for technological innovation and creativity

2016-01-17The garments are intended to provide to the people of shelter and protection elements of the environment, but also reflect the style of people, complementing the clothing with accessories that make them part of the clothing. These objectives are translated into innovations over time related to materials that are manufactured fabrics, How are made clothes and of course changes in designs. These innovations in the industry have resulted in that, According to figures supplied by the World Trade Organization in 2014, the industry related to clothing, exported worldwide USD 483 1 billion in garments, corresponding to the 2,6% of total exports, and USD 314 billion in textiles, corresponding to the 1,7% exports worldwide.     Read more …


30 Entrepreneurs exhibit their prototypes in fair organized by CORFO

Macarena Navas, of CREATECH, testing of the products of First Makers. Photo CREATECH.

Macarena Navas, of CREATECH, testing of the products of First Makers. Photo CREATECH.

The past 6 November was held in the Plaza de la Providencia Aviation, "Prototypes: Technological Innovation Fair ", organized by CORFO. The event brought together not only to authorities of the state entity, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts, but also people interested in the development of technologies.

Attendees had the opportunity to listen to four speakers, who spoke on prototyping and entrepreneurship from their experiences; and visit 30 stands of enterprises benefiting from any of the programs CORFO, which they were divided into four categories:

  • Mining, Power, building
  • TI, software, robotics
  • Eco, recycling, foods
  • Inclusion, society, education

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Internet of Things and Smart Cities were the central themes of the 3rd Summit country Digital

Panel solutions Smart: Photo CREATECH

Panel solutions Smart: Photo CREATECH

The days 9 and 10 September was held the third Summit country Digital version, organized by the Fundación País Digital and which brought together national and international experts of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities; and the Chilean Government authorities. The technology event, in the W Hotel Convention Center, He managed to convene in their two days to nearly two thousand attendees between authorities, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and students of the sector.

Words of welcome from both days were in charge of Pelayo Covarrubias, Chairman of the Board of Fundación País Digital, who pointed out that at this time it is experiencing "a revolution in the economy" to exist "changes in the current business models". He also stressed that to conform to the "Digital economy", as you are calling him to this new type of economy, It is necessary to make changes in education, trying to eliminate the digital divide in access via the "inclusion and lowering the gap of inequality", for which the State must "have a road map in the Digital Agenda".     Read more …


Smart Cities, the model of city that is taking increasingly stronger

2015-08-19Yes in 2014 the 50% of the world's population living in cities, for 2025 the figure will increase to 60% of the population, According to projections from the Organisation for cooperation and economic development (OCDE). This same entity ensures that you for 2050 more will be added 2 billion additional people to the cities, which will correspond to the close of the 85% of the world's population. On the other hand a lot of towns, including Brussels, Seoul and Bogota generate the 40% or more of the gross domestic product (GDP) National. What it brings and will bring with it a host of problems such as: energy supply, CO2 emissions, car traffic planning, provision of goods and raw materials, provision of health services and security. As a result of this problem is that for some time that it is talking about the Smart Cities and smart cities. But what is a Smart City?, What are the characteristics that define it?, What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Smart City? These are questions that we will try to resolve then.     Read more …


3D printing: from human tissue up to aircraft parts are manufactured thanks to this technology

2013-12-27The 3D printing or printing by adding (additive printing or additive manufacturing), It is a manufacturing method of three-dimensional objects by adding layers of material. It is thanks to the transfer of data from a file of three-dimensional design printer, that the object it constructed using different techniques. This presents an advantage in production, Since you do not need previous mold making, increased the cost of objects. The materials used in this process are thermoplastic polymers, metals, ceramic powders, powder glass and recently chocolate and ice.     Read more …