Case of CREATECH: Wellness Technologies launches the innovative probiotic Lacte 5 to the market

Image courtesy of Wellness Technologies

From 2005 CREATECH has focused on guiding and supporting entrepreneurs and researchers to go the long way of bringing their ideas to market. This is why we are happy to know that our clients meet their goals. It is the case of María Loreto Ormeño, who with his company investor. Wellness Technologies Ltda., It is ready to launch its first product on the market. Loreto wanted to share this success with us and encourage others who are beginning or are in the process to realize their ideas.

Lacte 5 is the first supplement containing the strain Chilean Lactobacillus Salivarius LPM01, isolated from breast milk healthy women in the Bio Bio Region by the Universidad de Concepción human year 2006 and functionally developed by the company Inversiones Wellness Technologies Ltda. for the development of food and functional supplements.     Read more …


Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and Novo Nordisk, raise awareness about the disease with participation of CREATECH

The day 22 April the 2nd run "Changing Diabetes" was held, in the commune of Providencia in Santiago de Chile. This activity was organized by the Danish Laboratory Novo Nordisk and had the support of the Royal Embassy of Denmark. The race aims to promote the cause of fight against diabetes in the country, encouraging physical activity on computer. In addition to delivering funds to the Chile Juvenile Diabetes Foundation so that it can perform its winter and summer camps.

Such as the simile in Copenhagen, this activity seeks to bring together family and friends to raise awareness about diabetes type 2, whose risks be acquired increase with a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. Currently more than 360 millions of people suffer from it around the world, While in Chile that figure comes to 1,5 millions of adults (20 to 79 years).     Read more …


Chile Bill seeks to modify the regime of industrial property for drugs

These days, an initiative from the Government of Chile intends to amend the current law 19.039 of Industrial property, in order to strengthen the protection of active principles of medicinal products. This draft law seeks to comply with an obligation by Chile with United States in the framework of the FTA signed by both countries in 1994.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: Raul Galindo, innovating in biotechnology with high economic and social impact of r & d projects

Concluding the FONDEF D07I1057 project entitled "Development of a prototype biosensor membrane for the early detection of pathogens", Raul Galindo, engineer from the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM), He gives us his impressions on the path.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: M. Loreto Ormeño WINS call for travel to Silicon Valley for the purpose of promoting the internationalization of your enterprise project

The enterprising M. Loreto Ormeño

M. Loreto Ormeñoes one of the few examples of entrepreneurs with a company start up "based on"sponsored research"and, proceeds from this same, It is also one of the few cases in which a natural person has, to bring to the market its project, a patent with a University entity application (the University of Concepción, in this case). This is the main reason why we decided to interview her about their experience and their plans for the future.

The project that won the highest score (94.3/100) in the program "Silicon Valley Immersion Program – University of California San Francisco", Innova Bio Bio, It consists of a value proposition for patients who undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy; project that will make you travel soon to this technological Summit of United States, to go to one of your proposal target market segments and increase your network of contacts, promote its proposal for validation and get a further development of its technology.     Read more …


The business plans competition winners are announced 2010, of Incuba2, where the CREATECH contributes with a Marketing Plan

The business plan competition 2010, of Incuba2 (the Antofagasta Region business incubator), he unveiled the winners of the latest version of this event in August of 2010, version in which were awarded four mining projects, tourism and health.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: Earn CLP 192 million r & d FONDEF Raúl Galindo project contest "Development of a prototype biosensor membrane for the detection of pathogens"

Raul Galindo Urra, academic works civilians of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM), win the 15th contest of projects of r & d FONDEF 2007 conCLP192 million for its project "Development of a prototype biosensor membrane for the detection of pathogens", which basically tries to reduce water and food infections; and therefore decrease as well the number of deaths that they tend to lead.

The project, led by the Center for biotechnology of the UTFSM, It aims basically to quickly detect infectious pathogens present in this liquid and solids that we eat; something that usually causes 12 million deaths a year. In addition, the poor state of water and food not only creates these human losses, but also great economic losses.

Raúl Galindo along with other two professors at the University, Although of different departments, they are willing to, In addition, with this project to bring the technology to the population; they intend to so that its outcome will become something everyday and affordable for all.

In addition, Raúl Galindo says such projects of global vision is precisely that need Chile at this time; those that do not leverage their trade, but those who do to turn the country into a new phase of exporting"associated with the growth by means of knowledge, and the marketing of this”.

In this case, CREATECH consultant supported the research team of Raúl Galindo in the commercial and economic formulation of the proposed project, In addition to a study MPP (Market Profile & Positioning) to know the State of the art worldwide and market potentials to introduce the product studied, Apart from also examine what will be potential customers of this.

For more information, visit: Tab of the project Article in Universia Results of the project