FishExtend, project supported by CREATECH, WINS major international prize

During the past year share an interview conducted by The latest news to Loreto Valenzuela on FishExtend, innovative solution to preserve the freshness of the salmon for more time. This project continues to advance on their way from the idea to the market, and this time we want to share the news that the UC technology “FishExtend” He won prestigious international prize of the fishing industry, It's the ICX Awards (Connection Industry 2017), organized by Fish 2,0. This award provides an opportunity to connect with leaders of the fishing industry and investors, acquire knowledge and experience to apply the venture. The FishExtend award was delivered by the company Albion Farms & Fisheries, offering a full day of consultation with the company's equipment.

We are glad to know that Loreto and his team continue to reap success.

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Case of CREATECH: Wellness Technologies launches the innovative probiotic Lacte 5 to the market

Image courtesy of Wellness Technologies

From 2005 CREATECH has focused on guiding and supporting entrepreneurs and researchers to go the long way of bringing their ideas to market. This is why we are happy to know that our clients meet their goals. It is the case of María Loreto Ormeño, who with his company investor. Wellness Technologies Ltda., It is ready to launch its first product on the market. Loreto wanted to share this success with us and encourage others who are beginning or are in the process to realize their ideas.

Lacte 5 is the first supplement containing the strain Chilean Lactobacillus Salivarius LPM01, isolated from breast milk healthy women in the Bio Bio Region by the Universidad de Concepción human year 2006 and functionally developed by the company Inversiones Wellness Technologies Ltda. for the development of food and functional supplements.     Read more …


Innovation: the key to improving productivity and sustainability in the construction industry

According to data of the study Global Construction Outlook 2020, It is estimated that the construction industry will grow from USD 8,5 million million in 2015 to USD 10,3 million million in 2020 and according to the study Real Estate 2020 PWC It could reach USD 15 million million to 2025.

On the other hand, According to data of the Nations United in 2012, expected that the urban population exceed the 6 one billion people to 2050. This same organization indicates that you for 2025 There will be 37 mega-cities in comparison to the 23 that it currently exist.. This growth of cities, It will be necessary to increase the productivity of the sector and of course sustainability, innovation is the key. That's that then we show you some of them that are being developed.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: Alvaro Lladser, patience and dedication is based on the keys in the advance of research on immunotherapies against cancer in Chile

Image, courtesy Alvaro Lladser of Foundation Science and life.

Image, courtesy Alvaro Lladser of Foundation Science and life.

In Chile, there are several entities that are dedicated to generate research and development, one of them is Foundation Science and life. Founded in 1996, This private entity without profit aims to "improve the economic and social development of Chile through scientific discovery, "the entrepreneurship and the education in Sciences biological". For the founders the sciences play a role essential in the development social and economic of the country. For this reason created the concept science 360 °, low which is working simultaneously on:

  • Promote the discoveries through scientific research
  • Prepare scientists for the future
  • Build networks international that allow the participation of Chile in the science global
  • Promote enterprises of base biological
  • Stimulate and strengthen science education in schools and the community

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Exponents International presented its experiences in Conference on innovation and biotechnology

Exhibitors of Conference international organized by AmCham. Photo: CREATECH.

Exhibitors of Conference international organized by AmCham. Photo: CREATECH.

The day 14 November was held in Santiago de Chile, the "Conference international innovation and biotechnology: Connecting with the world". The meeting organized by image of Chile and the Camera Chileno-Norteamericana of Commerce AmCham Chile, gathered around of 200 Professional and students linked to the innovation and to the biotechnology and counted with the participation of important exhibitors foreign and national. Then we tell you what tried this activity, supported by CORFO and attended part of the team of CREATECH.

The Welcome to the Conference was to charge of William Carey, Director and President of the Innovation Committee of AmCham Chile, Myriam Gómez, Executive Director of image of Chile, and Marcela angle, Manager of technological capabilities of CORFO. The latter referred to the way in which innovation in Chile is financed, Stressing that 2/3 of the investment it made the State and the universities, While only 1/3 the investment done by the private. For what is necessary to generate initiatives to connect the talent, existing mainly in universities, with the needs specific of the sector private.     Read more …


Agro-industry: new technologies and products in pursuit of the challenges facing this productive sector

2015-08-31According to estimates of the United Nations Organization for food and agriculture, FAO (for its acronym in English), towards 2050 the global Agro industry should increase production in a 70%, Since you will need to feed to 9.6 one billion people. It is a huge challenge considering that the availability of arable land will be increasingly limited, the need for fresh water will increase and the impact of climate change is still unpredictable. It is for these reasons that innovation in the agricultural activity is extremely necessary. Innovations that are incidentally occurring, through the use and constant development of new technologies; and food production related to the preferences and needs of consumers trends. We will present some of these technological innovations and food trends then.     Read more …


Technological research of the program IDEA competition in 2 Stages of FONDEF is soon to open applications

2015-08-13In 2012 the IDEA program is born in 2 Stages of CONICYT, executed through FONDEF, as financial support for the implementation of projects of scientific and technological research which could have an economic and/or social impact on Chile and whose results can be obtained and evaluated in short term. It arose as a new version of the research and development contests (R & d) previously funded by the entity.

Recently the third competition of technological research awarded CLP 1982 divided million in 14 projects. The areas that more projects were awarded are: Fisheries and aquaculture, Social Sciences and education; and food and agriculture. On the other hand the British Council through the Newton Fund - bite you It financed part of the allocated resources, delivering CLP 437 million.     Read more …


A world tour of R&D tax incentives

2015-06-22-01Research and Development (R&D) is one of the key ingredients in innovation and in improving the outlook for both companies and for the economy in general. Many countries understand this, and thus their governments have implemented an assortment of incentives to encourage R&D. These include tax credits and subsidies, among other approaches. Given our interests at CREATECH in both R&D and commercialization of its results, often though entrepreneurship and internationalization, we asked ourselves: How widespread are these incentives? Do they coincide with other national innovation rankings? And would they drive a startup’s decision to locate in a particular country?     Read more …


Ranking of most innovative countries according to Bloomberg Innovation Index 2015

2015-05-26Some time ago and like every year the Bloomberg company unveiled its Innovation Index 2015. The purpose of this ranking, that sets the 50 most innovative countries, It is to see the possibility of identifying a general formula that can be replicated by companies and Governments.     Read more …


CORFO performs talk about research and development presence of CREATECH

Exhibition of Patricio Feres, Innovation Manager of CORFO.

Exhibition of Patricio Feres, Innovation Manager of CORFO.

The past 24 March was held in premises of SOFOFA talk "more investment in r & d, more competitiveness for our companies', dictated by CORFO. The aim of this was to publicize tax benefits through the law for investment in r & d and other instruments of CORFO, which support business innovation.

Welcoming remarks were made by the General Secretary of SOFOFA Jorge Ortúzar, who gave way to three exhibitions of representatives of CORFO and a case study of application of law of tax benefits for investment in r & d.     Read more …