FishExtend, project supported by CREATECH, WINS major international prize

During the past year share an interview conducted by The latest news to Loreto Valenzuela on FishExtend, innovative solution to preserve the freshness of the salmon for more time. This project continues to advance on their way from the idea to the market, and this time we want to share the news that the UC technology “FishExtend” He won prestigious international prize of the fishing industry, It's the ICX Awards (Connection Industry 2017), organized by Fish 2,0. This award provides an opportunity to connect with leaders of the fishing industry and investors, acquire knowledge and experience to apply the venture. The FishExtend award was delivered by the company Albion Farms & Fisheries, offering a full day of consultation with the company's equipment.

We are glad to know that Loreto and his team continue to reap success.

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Loreto Valenzuela and his FishExtend project progress on the road from idea to market

Earlier this year the CREATECH team was assisting Loreto Valenzuela of the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile, in his FishExtend project, an edible coating in format of spray that allows to extend the freshness of the salmon.     Read more …


Support for those who want to license, among the novelties of the seminar of WIPO and INAPI international patenting systems

Seminar of international patenting. Photo courtesy of INAPI

The National Institute of intellectual property (INAPI) and the world intellectual property organization (WIPO for its acronym in English), with the cooperation of the European Patent Office (EPO for its acronym in English) and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (PUC), they organized the "International patenting strategies seminar". The event was held the 9 June in the center of innovation Anacleto Angelini of the PUC and attended the Samanta Elgueta and Susana Labra, CREATECH markets and technologies executives. The seminar was composed of four lectures that addressed different issues related to both international and national patents.     Read more …


2013: The year of innovation in Chile

In the delivery of version 2011 Avonni Awards (which are presented as the most representative of the country in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation), in November of the same year, both the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera and Minister of economy, Development and tourism, Pablo Longueira, the formal announcement of the proposal, which the Government has made for the year 2013 be "the year of innovation".     Read more …


Awards to the winners of ChileInventa 2011; contest sponsored by the consulting firm CREATECH

David Gomez, winner of the first place in ChileInventa 2011 with his project "Eoliclean", next Catherine Jelinek, of CREATECH

In the month prior to the end of the year 2011, IncubaUC - business incubator of the Pontifical University Catholic of Chile managed by DICTUC - closed competition ChileInventa rewarding three projects of innovation and entrepreneurship. This version 2011 the event was organized in collaboration with Centre innovates DuocUC.

ChileInventa contest is intended to encourage the transfer to the market of "outcomes of processes or r & d projects", creating prototypes, that can be your correct commercialization and/or its technology transfer.     Read more …


14 universities and 1 Technological Institute will promote technology transfer capabilities in Chile

CORFO unveiled, This month of December, the results of your call "Strengthening offices of transfer and Licenciamiento-Modalidad Individual" with an investment of nearly USD 4 million ($ 2.058.923.860).     Read more …


"New business 2011" contest, of EmprendeUC

Before the end of the year 2011, the EmprendeUC business plan competition has awarded the best candidates to your call.

The past 7 was held from December, in the Central House of the Catholic University Pontificia, the award ceremony of the eighth version of the EmprendeUC business plan competition; contest that rewards innovation and entrepreneurship in Chile.     Read more …


54 projects of University students are awarded with funds from the VIU contest, FONDEF's

In the past month of November, in the Centro Cultural Palacio la Moneda, took place the announcement of projects awarded by the valorisation of the research at the University program (VIU).

As we advanced in the month of August, This new program of FONDEF, VIU, aims - as its name - it suggests promoting the link between universities and enterprises to carry out applied research projects; basically with the mood that investigations conducted by specialists - as the thesis of undergraduate and graduate students - there are stranded in the drawers, and with the encourage technology transfer from academia to the productive sector.     Read more …


CREATECH power ventures sharing his experience with participants in competitions ChileInventa 2011 and EmprendeUC 2011

María Inés Fernández with the participants of the workshop "Evaluation of markets for innovation", for ChileInventa

In October and November of this 2011, CREATECH took part in two activities of the ChileInventa business plan competitions 2011 and EmprendeUC 2011; contests to reward entrepreneurship and innovation in Chile.     Read more …


CREATECH, Advisor to leader in the commercialization of technological innovations, It held the round table "CREATECH Connect" in August of 2011

The next 31 August CREATECH will again conduct a round table, following his series CREATECH Connect ®, on this occasion it will be titled "what's new in transfer of technology University: Learning of the AUTM annual meeting, 2011”.

For this occasion, the meeting which held CREATECH will focus above in the annual event which made AUTM (Association of University Technology Managers) in Las Vegas (United States) in February and March of 2011, and on learning outcomes and perspectives that remains of this several of the national assistants.     Read more …