Support for those who want to license, among the novelties of the seminar of WIPO and INAPI international patenting systems

Seminar of international patenting. Photo courtesy of INAPI

The National Institute of intellectual property (INAPI) and the world intellectual property organization (WIPO for its acronym in English), with the cooperation of the European Patent Office (EPO for its acronym in English) and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (PUC), they organized the "International patenting strategies seminar". The event was held the 9 June in the center of innovation Anacleto Angelini of the PUC and attended the Samanta Elgueta and Susana Labra, CREATECH markets and technologies executives. The seminar was composed of four lectures that addressed different issues related to both international and national patents.     Read more …


With a focus on the benefits of global innovation, Global Innovation Index is published 2016

2016-09-23The annual report was delivered in late August Global Innovation Index (GII) of 2016, conducted by Cornell University, INSEAD and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This year were evaluated 128 economies that are divided in 7 areas:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • North Africa and Western Asia
  • Central Asia and South
  • Southeast Asia, Asia East and Oceania

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Summer School WIPO on intellectual property is conducted in Santiago with the participation of CREATECH

Macarena Navas along with participants of the Summer School WIPO-Chile. Photo courtesy Macarena Navas.

Macarena Navas along with participants of the Summer School WIPO-Chile. Photo courtesy Macarena Navas.

Between the 25 January and the 5 February was held in Santiago the Summer School WIPO-Chile on intellectual property, organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in collaboration with the National Institute of Industrial property in Chile (INAPI). The training was attended by Macarena Navas, CREATECH technologies Executive, with whom we spoke about the relevance of the course and the highlight of this.

The course brought together a 40 people, most lawyers, but also at offices of engineers of transfer and licensing, among others. He presented 35 talks, with national and international exhibitors, experts in different areas related to intellectual property and Industrial property, topics covered in different ways. The first week the talks focused on broadly enter the tracks, to make way for a single deepening of these, as also explanations of the functions fulfilled by each entity such as WIPO and INAPI, existing treaties of patent and trademark registration. The second week focused mostly on the above applications with issues related to what is patentable, patent search, Copyright, specific cases to finish the course with a practical exercise.     Read more …


INAPI itinerant workshop on international patent system is used with presence of CREATECH

2015-06-17At the beginning of June was held, in units of the National Institute of Industrial property (INAPI), the "Itinerant workshop on the international patent system: PCT, ePCT and EPO". This workshop was organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Inter-American Association of Industrial property (ASIPI), INAPI, the Chilean Association of intellectual property (ACHIPI) and the European Patent Office (EPO).     Read more …


INAPI and WIPO carry out intellectual property for journalists seminar

2015-05-22The day 13 may developed the Intellectual property for journalists seminar, organized by the world intellectual property organization (WIPO by its acronyms and English) and the National Institute of Industrial property in Chile (INAPI). The event was attended by around 20 professionals related to communication.

Welcome to the seminar was conducted by Maximiliano Santa Cruz, National Director of INAPI, who stressed that the protection of intellectual property (P.I.) It is a key tool for the development of countries. After his words five speakers from WIPO and INAPI exposed on various subjects related to intellectual property.     Read more …


World Intellectual property day, some indicators to consider

The 26 April is celebrated World Intellectual property day, commemorating the entry into force of the WIPO Convention in 1970. The aim of the celebration, This year it will focus on the music, It is to generate discussion on the role that intellectual property plays (IP) in promoting innovation and creativity.

Intellectual property can take shelter in different ways, Depending on the type of invention, one of these is the patenting. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) through its Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) It receives requests from patenting from the countries subscribed to this Convention, giving the possibility to the innovators of applying for patents in several countries simultaneously. This prevents that the request in each country must do individually and gives more time to do it.     Read more …


WIPO patent drafting workshop held with the presence of CREATECH

In December of last year was held in Santiago de Chile the "workshop of drafting patents" issued by the world intellectual property organization, WIPO for its acronym in English, in collaboration with INAPI. The meeting was attended by entrepreneurs, inventors, workers from different enterprises and workers of INAPI.

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WIPO and INAPI invite Catherine Jelinek to give a view of technology transfer in Chile in the Workshop Intellectual Property Management in Universities and Successful Technology Licensing (STL)


From left to right, Etienne Choupay, Javier Ramírez, Matias Vial and Catherine Jelinek. Courtesy of LETTERGT

Workshop Intellectual Property Management in Universities and Successful Technology Licensing (STL) organized by WIPO and INAPI, Catherine Jelinek (General Manager of CREATECH) He directed the day Monday 21 the Roundtable entitled Emerging Technology Transfer Issues in University - Industry relations in Chile. At the round table, Catherine was accompanied by Javier Ramírez (Director of innovation of the Vice Presidency for innovation and development of the University of Chile), Etienne Choupay (Director innovation and entrepreneurship of the Vice Presidency of inv. and advanced studies, PUCV) and Matias Vial (Director of development and innovation, management of innovation and development of the Universidad de los Andes).     Read more …


In success ends workshop entitled Intellectual Property Management in Universities and Successful Technology Licensing (STL) WIPO and INAPI

Maximiliano Santa Cruz welcoming company with Olga Spasic. Courtesy of the National Institute of Industrial property, INAPI

Maximiliano Santa Cruz welcoming company with Olga Spasic. Courtesy of the National Institute of Industrial property, INAPI

WIPO (WIPO in Spanish) the workshop was developed in conjunction with INAPI Successful Technology Licensing (STL) the days 21 to 24 October in the premises of INAPI, Workshop which aims to a better future in the transfer of technologies.

The workshop led by Olga Spasic (Head Innovation Structure Section, WIPO), It was also attended by Kevin Nachtrab (Past-President of the Licensing Executives Society International - LESI- and Senior Patent Attorney at Johnson & Johnson), Ernesto Cavelier (Attorney, Herrera & Ruiz, Colombia), Sebastian Farias (Branch of knowledge transfer, INAPI) and Catherine Jelinek (General Manager at CREATECH).     Read more …


Most innovative countries: Switzerland in the first place worldwide and in the region leading Chile, According to WIPO

According to the Global innovation index 2012, co-published the 4 July by the INSEAD and the world intellectual property organization (WIPO), Switzerland maintains first place in innovation worldwide, While Sweden and Singapore are located in the second and third place, while Chile is a leader in innovation in Latin America, followed by Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina, ranking 39 at the global level.

The list of the 10 top countries in the global innovation index has changed little since last year:

  1. Switzerland
  2. Sweden
  3. Singapore
  4. Finland
  5. Great Britain
  6. Netherlands
  7. Denmark
  8. Hong Kong(China)
  9. Ireland
  10. United States of America
  11. Luxembourg

The report classifies 141 countries or economies according to their abilities and results in the field of innovation. The parameters analyzed for each country are multiple, and they include institutions, the human capital, the sophistication of available market type, the available type of business, the produced knowledge/technologies, and creative productions.

It is important to highlight the fact that the majority of Latin American countries have lower than others with the same gross domestic product levels of innovation (GDP) per capita, Although there are some exceptions, as Chile, that is the country with greater innovation in the region. Colombia, Paraguay, Guatemala and Nicaragua are situated above the average of the rate of innovation with regard to countries with the same per capita income, While Honduras, Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina and Peru registered a lower rate under the same criteria.

In a broader context, "the report points out that"is emerging a new dynamics in innovation”, Despite the huge differences that still persist, registering the largest imbalance between countries with different levels of development: on average, high-income countries outperform countries with lower per capita income by a wide margin overall for all measures of innovation performance.

The global innovation index opportunely reminds us that promotion of innovation policies are fundamental in the debate on the promotion of sustainable economic growth”, said the Director General of WIPO, SR. Francis Gurry at the press conference that gave the 4 of July to present the report 2012.

On the other hand, the report provides a global index of efficiency innovation, showing which countries Excel in the transformation of certain resources invested in innovation products. Countries that stand out in production of innovation, Despite having an environment of innovation more precarious and less resources for innovation than other countries, they are those who lead this ranking. China, India and the Republic of Moldova to top this ranking, followed in the top 5 by Malta and Switzerland.


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