CREATECH cases: C3D sells its recently developed internal portfolio technology, applying Stage Gate NPD process, Lean Design and Open Innovation

Turn left. Technology of C3D of precision which is available in market agriculture. Der. C3D team. Images courtesy of C3D.

Some time ago we present to Society Crea3D (C3D), young company that carries out projects of innovation-applying cutting-edge methodologies for this, as Open Innovation and Lean Design. At that time we discussed that C3D was developing the CORFO project type "Innovation – portfolio management"1, "Implementation of a model of innovation management for innovation projects focused on the development of mechatronic products", code 262388, in which CREATECH acted as a national expert body of innovation.     Read more …


Loreto Valenzuela and his FishExtend project progress on the road from idea to market

Earlier this year the CREATECH team was assisting Loreto Valenzuela of the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile, in his FishExtend project, an edible coating in format of spray that allows to extend the freshness of the salmon.     Read more …


Innovation: the key to improving productivity and sustainability in the construction industry

According to data of the study Global Construction Outlook 2020, It is estimated that the construction industry will grow from USD 8,5 million million in 2015 to USD 10,3 million million in 2020 and according to the study Real Estate 2020 PWC It could reach USD 15 million million to 2025.

On the other hand, According to data of the Nations United in 2012, expected that the urban population exceed the 6 one billion people to 2050. This same organization indicates that you for 2025 There will be 37 mega-cities in comparison to the 23 that it currently exist.. This growth of cities, It will be necessary to increase the productivity of the sector and of course sustainability, innovation is the key. That's that then we show you some of them that are being developed.     Read more …


Law of r & d implemented by CORFO, tax benefit that supports investment in innovation

A few years ago we conducted a review to different aspects to the "law of r & d", tax benefit that gives the State of Chile to those companies that certify investment for the development and implementation of research projects and development (R & d). TO 8 years of its implementation, and because time has passed since the review, We have decided to remember to summarize in the r & d law question, some results and how to access it.     Read more …


Exponents International presented its experiences in Conference on innovation and biotechnology

Exhibitors of Conference international organized by AmCham. Photo: CREATECH.

Exhibitors of Conference international organized by AmCham. Photo: CREATECH.

The day 14 November was held in Santiago de Chile, the "Conference international innovation and biotechnology: Connecting with the world". The meeting organized by image of Chile and the Camera Chileno-Norteamericana of Commerce AmCham Chile, gathered around of 200 Professional and students linked to the innovation and to the biotechnology and counted with the participation of important exhibitors foreign and national. Then we tell you what tried this activity, supported by CORFO and attended part of the team of CREATECH.

The Welcome to the Conference was to charge of William Carey, Director and President of the Innovation Committee of AmCham Chile, Myriam Gómez, Executive Director of image of Chile, and Marcela angle, Manager of technological capabilities of CORFO. The latter referred to the way in which innovation in Chile is financed, Stressing that 2/3 of the investment it made the State and the universities, While only 1/3 the investment done by the private. For what is necessary to generate initiatives to connect the talent, existing mainly in universities, with the needs specific of the sector private.     Read more …


Innovation in March: C3D provides rapid prototyping, Design 3D and Mechatronics

photography-c3d"To be part of the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in Chile, supporting and supporting companies and entrepreneurs to realize their ideas. Be a reference company of leading open innovation innovative solutions in the area of Mechatronics and technology products".

It is the Mission of Crea3D engineering limited company, more known as C3D, company focused on innovation open in the area of the Mechatronics. Founded in 2012 and formed by Juan Pablo Oyarzun, Gabriel Aulestia, Felipe Bravo and Cristian Reichert. C3D specializes in the delivery of services of IyD+i companies and entrepreneurs have needs of developing ideas and technological projects.     Read more …


BREXIT: Innovation challenges, Intellectual property and trade

2016-07-19The 24 June, they knew the outcome of the referendum in which the British voted to decide on their stay in the European Union (EU). With the 52% of the votes, BREXIT, the option to leave the EU imposed on the option of staying. Since that time there has been speculation with possible consequences in various aspects which the BREXIT can bring, not only for UK and European Union, but for the rest of the world.

In general, opinions agree that uncertainty is causing more damage, the picture is not clear. So far United Kingdom has had the greatest impact, with the fall of the pound and the stock market, at least the first few days. But how affect this to America Latina??, What happen will with trade agreements?, What happen will with r & d and intellectual property programs?, will remain the official language English? We will review these and other questions here.     Read more …


Talk about technology transfer by CORFO and organised by LES Chile, presents new strategies in this topic

2016-07-15The past 22 June was held in Santiago, talk "Strategy of transfer technology for Chile", organized by Licensing Executive Society Chile (LES Chile), Chilean subsidiary of Licensing Executives Society International (LESI). This was dictated by Marcia Varela, Deputy Manager of technological transfer of the management of technological capabilities of CORFO. The event was attended by members and guests of LES Chile, related to the area of intellectual property, mainly lawyers. Below we provide more details of this event, attended Jovanka Trebotich, Studies Manager; and Romina barrier, New business manager, of CREATECH.     Read more …


CREATECH studies: Market & IP Assessment answers what is my target market and advantages over the competition??

2015-10-28Through a wide range of innovations and market studies, CREATECH helps innovators and their potential partners or investors to assess business opportunities for innovations and develop strategies to take advantage of these opportunities, in local and international markets. During the next months we will publish a series of articles highlighting some of the studies more required.

On the road from lab to the market, researchers or entrepreneurs have questions to evaluate and increase the impact and relevance of its innovations, as the following:

  • What is the State of the art in relation to my innovation?
  • Is my invention patentable? Which strategy for the protection of industrial and intellectual property (PI) I need to follow?
  • What is the need or pain of the market and what are the potential benefits of my innovation to solve this?
  • How does compare my innovation with which today offers competition to solve the same need?
  • My innovation applications and which markets are most feasible and attractive, to focus on marketing?
  • What business model should I choose, to reach the target market with an attractive and competitive offer?
  • Who are my potential partners or customers for r & d, marketing or licensing?

    Read more …


Fernando Ulloa and his project of veterinary medicine are among the winners of the Regional competition III FONDEF VIU

2015-08-27At a time in which the V contest of valuation research at the University (VIU) FONDEF has open their applications, We talked with Fernando Ulloa, who was recently awarded the stage 2 the third Regional version of this contest with the project "Improvement of the diagnosis of Bovine Mastitis: implementation of molecular testing", supported by CREATECH and Universidad Austral. In the interview, Fernando tells us about your project, his candidacy to VIU and is what's next for your project.

According to Fernando Ulloa, who is doctor veterinarian master of science, Mention of Microbiology of the University Austral of Chile, Bovine Mastitis is an expensive disease for industry dairy, Since only in the Region of the rivers are left to generate USD 10 million by the decline in milk production. Along with this, detection of the disease is slow, Since the currently used diagnostic method of Bacteriological culture that takes 4 days to generate results and not is very sensitive. In addition routine checks are not performed, What finally causes late disease control.     Read more …