Case of CREATECH: Wellness Technologies launches the innovative probiotic Lacte 5 to the market

Image courtesy of Wellness Technologies

From 2005 CREATECH has focused on guiding and supporting entrepreneurs and researchers to go the long way of bringing their ideas to market. This is why we are happy to know that our clients meet their goals. It is the case of María Loreto Ormeño, who with his company investor. Wellness Technologies Ltda., It is ready to launch its first product on the market. Loreto wanted to share this success with us and encourage others who are beginning or are in the process to realize their ideas.

Lacte 5 is the first supplement containing the strain Chilean Lactobacillus Salivarius LPM01, isolated from breast milk healthy women in the Bio Bio Region by the Universidad de Concepción human year 2006 and functionally developed by the company Inversiones Wellness Technologies Ltda. for the development of food and functional supplements.     Read more …


Success stories of researchers and entrepreneurs supported by CREATECH reflects diversity of industries and areas

CREATECH, with more than 10 years of existence, has supported in the transfer of the idea to the market to more than 500 projects from a variety of industries and areas of science and technology which can be classified in:

  • Biotechnology and health
  • The information and communication technologies (ICT)
  • Food, Agricultural, Forestry and aquaculture
  • Renewable energy, Climate, Water and environment
  • Manufacturing, Mining and infrastructure
  • Education and social sciences

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Salmon farming innovations allow the constant challenges of the industry

2016-08-31The aquaculture industry is constantly facing challenges related to production, the relationship with the communities and the environment. Two clear examples of this are the Bloom algae affecting the Chilean Salmon industry, that earlier this year resulted in the loss of, some 40 thousand tons of salmon; and sea lice epidemic (Caligus rogercresseyi) or caligus affecting mainly Scottish and Norwegian producers. The losses, due to this epidemic resulted in an increase of the 16% in the price of Salmon in Britain, also affecting the sector of restaurants; While in Norway it was estimated that the costs for this cause were around USD 600 million. Is therefore that the advances that may exist in the field of innovations in this sector are quite relevant. We will show some of them below.     Read more …


Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: review the State of entrepreneurship worldwide

2016-08-24Since ago 17 years the Global Entrepreneurship Research Association, founded by Babson College and London Business School and sponsored by organizations from around the world, among them is the University for the development of Chile; oversees the preparation of the report Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). Annual report, to check the State of entrepreneurship in different economies of the world, including Chile. Then you give some of those indicators more relevant of the more recent report.     Read more …


Increase considerable in projects awarded and high presence of regions in results of stage 2 of V FONDEF VIU

2016-07-27In moments that are being evaluated the projects submitted to Stage 1 the VI contest of valorisation of the research at the University (VIU), whose call closed at the beginning of June, It gave to know them Stage results 2 the V contest of valorization of research at the University.

The National Commission of science and technology in Chile (CONICYT), through its program FONDEF, It seeks to promote a culture of innovative entrepreneurship in the Chilean universities, so is characterized by support and provide funding to projects of students of undergraduate and graduate thesis, whose research can be transformed into enterprises.     Read more …


Micro-credits: opportunity of financing to microentrepreneurs in developing their business

2016-06-16To carry out an undertaking is required with a start capital or financing to make it grow. Usually this capital, especially at the beginning, It gets people close or competitive grants; Another option are the loans from banks. However they are not always needed large sums of money to carry out a project or to finance the expansion of the business; either not always the entrepreneur can access traditional banks to obtain the money needed. It is in this case a good choice are micro-credit. What is this and how to access them, We tell you then.

A micro-credit is a small loan that provides an entity to a person or group, to develop a project or business. It is not usually necessary to declare income, since they are focused on groups that do not have access to traditional banking. The aim of this may be to start with a project or to make it grow, buy inputs or machinery, for example. The return of this is relative and will depend on the type of entity that delivers microcredit, It can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or when the project has enough success to return money. Microcredit is primarily based on mutual trust, responsibility and participation, Since when the loan includes a group of people all must be responsible for the return of this.     Read more …


Funding for entrepreneurship in Chile: programming of applications of 2016

2016-04-25Get the funding required to walk or climb a venture is essential, but many times this is being affected or delayed by not knowing that financing is the most suitable for the stage in which entrepreneurship is and, If they are State funds, not be clear about the dates of application. We then focus on the financing programs that gives the State in Chile, delivering information and dates of application of some of the most relevant State funds.

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Brazil leads Latin America in private investment and risk according to CAF

2015-03-21Risk Capital or Venture Capital (VC) and private financing or Private Equity (PE) they are one of the forms of financing to start up companies that are at the early stage and have high growth potential but also a high risk, and they have already gained another type of financing previously as FFF or seed Capital. This consists of the delivery of capital from investors in Exchange for a percentage of the company private. These forms of financing are very common in United States, country headed by the Venture Capital and Private Equity Country Attractiveness Index by IESE, an example of this is Silicon Valley. In Latin America and the Caribbean there are also, But what is the real scope of this type of financing? We discussed it then.     Read more …


Innovation voucher from CORFO: CLP 7 millions of support links between enterprises and knowledge providers

2016-02-23According to the 8VA survey of innovation in enterprises (2013), carried out by the Ministry of economy, Development and tourism; in Chile the business innovation rate is of 23,68%. That percentage only slightly more than the 7% is done collaboratively. Likewise for r & d activities carried out by the companies only a 5% they are contracted externally. This is with the "purpose of decreasing the gap between the existing knowledge of areas of technological innovation providers offer", with the needs of enterprises and the market", was created the CORFO contest "Bonding program company - suppliers of knowledge": Innovation voucher", that has opened a new call to the 21 March. Then we will give you details of the contest.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: Wellness Technologies, patience and perseverance the keys of success to go from the idea to the market

logo1"Improving the quality of the nutrition of immunocompromised, preferably patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy to improve his condition and that allows them to deal better with treatment" is the goal to Loreto Ormeño, whom CREATECH advised some years ago, search with your project, now transformed into the company Wellness Technologies. It is nice to put us a day with this entrepreneurial, that told us in a brief conversation about your product that is ready to go to market, on the current situation of your company, the process move from idea to market and about their plans to future.

To contextualize Wellness Technologies, It offers a probiotic that helps the immune system stimulation, to counter the drop in weight, It reduces the discomfort caused by the chemotherapy and radiotherapy, It improves tolerance to food intake, improves levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA), It reduces inflammation of mucous membranes and eliminates nausea and vomiting. One of the main advantages of the developed formulation is the origin of the strain, isolated breast milk, whose characteristics stood out above other lactic acid bacteria. The bacterium can be conditioned to be incorporated into other foods. Additionally, characteristics of texture and taste of the food are not altered by addition of bacteria.     Read more …