From may CORFO has new Executive Vice President and new Innovation Manager

Sebastian Sichel, Executive Director of CORFO, and Rocio Fonseca, Innovation Manager of CORFO.

In March of this year was appointed for four years Sebastián Piñera President of Chile. This brings with it some modifications, as for example change of authorities in some State entities. One of those entities is CORFO, Since early May has new Executive Vice President and new Innovation Manager.

The new Executive Vice President, that it replaces the outgoing Eduardo Bitrán, ES Sebastian Sichel, who was presented in April by the Minister of economy, Development and tourism, José Ramón Valente. Sichel is lawyer and master in law public of the Pontifical University Catholic of Chile, He has developed a career in the public and private sectors. Before assuming served as Director of the school of Government of the Universidad San Sebastián and Director of the Department of public law of the same House of study, and as Professor of Catholic University Executive Development Center. Also was coordinator of advisers of the Ministry of economy between 2008 and 2010, and previously Deputy National Director of tourism and in charge of the Area of the development of the institution.     Read more …


Law of r & d implemented by CORFO, tax benefit that supports investment in innovation

A few years ago we conducted a review to different aspects to the "law of r & d", tax benefit that gives the State of Chile to those companies that certify investment for the development and implementation of research projects and development (R & d). TO 8 years of its implementation, and because time has passed since the review, We have decided to remember to summarize in the r & d law question, some results and how to access it.     Read more …


Exponents International presented its experiences in Conference on innovation and biotechnology

Exhibitors of Conference international organized by AmCham. Photo: CREATECH.

Exhibitors of Conference international organized by AmCham. Photo: CREATECH.

The day 14 November was held in Santiago de Chile, the "Conference international innovation and biotechnology: Connecting with the world". The meeting organized by image of Chile and the Camera Chileno-Norteamericana of Commerce AmCham Chile, gathered around of 200 Professional and students linked to the innovation and to the biotechnology and counted with the participation of important exhibitors foreign and national. Then we tell you what tried this activity, supported by CORFO and attended part of the team of CREATECH.

The Welcome to the Conference was to charge of William Carey, Director and President of the Innovation Committee of AmCham Chile, Myriam Gómez, Executive Director of image of Chile, and Marcela angle, Manager of technological capabilities of CORFO. The latter referred to the way in which innovation in Chile is financed, Stressing that 2/3 of the investment it made the State and the universities, While only 1/3 the investment done by the private. For what is necessary to generate initiatives to connect the talent, existing mainly in universities, with the needs specific of the sector private.     Read more …


Office of transfer and licensing of the Catholic University of Temuco, working in the generation of a stable link between research and industry in Chile from the region of La Araucanía

2016-10-28In the previous article "office of technology transfer and licensing: a link between the research and the industry to promote technological development in the world", posted in our blog makes a time, talk about, on the importance of the work carried out by the offices of transfer and licensing (OTL) in terms of the bonding and/or technology transfer between university research and industry. You could see this relationship in countries such as the United States is consolidated, and how in Latin America little by little taking greater relevance.

In the case of Chile, currently there are 18 Transfer and licensing offices running. Among them is the The Catholic University of Temuco OTL (UCTemuco), with whom CREATECH collaborated recently and that it will have more then.     Read more …


Challenges technology in the enterprises: who resort to innovate?

2016-10-18Is common that in the enterprises will generate challenges technological, whether to implement new or improved processes that help the smooth functioning of this, either to bring to market new products or services. However sometimes they do not come to see the light, because you are not sure if it will work or not having the necessary capabilities it is not known who resort to be able to solve these challenges. Surely to you them has taken place this in several opportunities, and the same question has been who do contact for what I can support in the solution of the problem? We will then give you some solutions available.

Along the Chile is possible find a range of support through various entities that can contribute with its expertise in different requirements of the process of innovation.     Read more …


Salmon farming innovations allow the constant challenges of the industry

2016-08-31The aquaculture industry is constantly facing challenges related to production, the relationship with the communities and the environment. Two clear examples of this are the Bloom algae affecting the Chilean Salmon industry, that earlier this year resulted in the loss of, some 40 thousand tons of salmon; and sea lice epidemic (Caligus rogercresseyi) or caligus affecting mainly Scottish and Norwegian producers. The losses, due to this epidemic resulted in an increase of the 16% in the price of Salmon in Britain, also affecting the sector of restaurants; While in Norway it was estimated that the costs for this cause were around USD 600 million. Is therefore that the advances that may exist in the field of innovations in this sector are quite relevant. We will show some of them below.     Read more …


CORFO presents "Portfolio of corporate r & d", program that supports innovation in enterprises

2016-08-03An of the solutions that is suggest to countries in way of development can enhance it competitiveness, It is to create public policies to promote and develop innovations in the productive structure of these countries. In the case of Chile, CORFO is an important channel for the Government to develop and implement these policies. Is in this context that the State entity, through Innova Chile, It has launched the Program portfolio of business r & d, that we will deliver more details below.

This program is open up to the 22 September and directed to for-profit companies, constituted in Chile, you pay tax in category 1. Its aim is to "promoting the development of innovations in national companies from the challenge of high impact solution".     Read more …


Talk about technology transfer by CORFO and organised by LES Chile, presents new strategies in this topic

2016-07-15The past 22 June was held in Santiago, talk "Strategy of transfer technology for Chile", organized by Licensing Executive Society Chile (LES Chile), Chilean subsidiary of Licensing Executives Society International (LESI). This was dictated by Marcia Varela, Deputy Manager of technological transfer of the management of technological capabilities of CORFO. The event was attended by members and guests of LES Chile, related to the area of intellectual property, mainly lawyers. Below we provide more details of this event, attended Jovanka Trebotich, Studies Manager; and Romina barrier, New business manager, of CREATECH.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: Development kit for the detection of respiratory viruses of BMRC advances in its packaging technology with support of CREATECH

2016-05-24In more than 10 years of experience, CREATECH has supported more of 450 Science and technology-based projects. Although, a large part of the projects have hired our services after being awarded funds, There is also a good part of them that has managed to raise funds with our support. Between 2005 and 2014 We've had a success rate of allocation of the 85%, helping our customers to raise a total of USD 8 million. On the other hand there are projects that have combined the above options, generating a long-term Alliance.     Read more …


Funding for entrepreneurship in Chile: programming of applications of 2016

2016-04-25Get the funding required to walk or climb a venture is essential, but many times this is being affected or delayed by not knowing that financing is the most suitable for the stage in which entrepreneurship is and, If they are State funds, not be clear about the dates of application. We then focus on the financing programs that gives the State in Chile, delivering information and dates of application of some of the most relevant State funds.

    Read more …