Catherine Jelinek demonstrates its competence in licensing to renew your credential Certified Licensing Professional

Recently Catherine Jelinek, General Manager of CREATECH, It renewed for three years their credentials as Certified Licensing ProfessionalTM (CLP). Program that was initiated in 2008 on the initiative of Licensing Executives Society (LES) United States and Canada to recognize professionals who have demonstrated their experience and competence in intellectual property licensing, they are committed to the professional development and the achievement of skills and knowledge necessary to perform their duties at the highest level of quality.     Read more …


Salmon farming innovations allow the constant challenges of the industry

2016-08-31The aquaculture industry is constantly facing challenges related to production, the relationship with the communities and the environment. Two clear examples of this are the Bloom algae affecting the Chilean Salmon industry, that earlier this year resulted in the loss of, some 40 thousand tons of salmon; and sea lice epidemic (Caligus rogercresseyi) or caligus affecting mainly Scottish and Norwegian producers. The losses, due to this epidemic resulted in an increase of the 16% in the price of Salmon in Britain, also affecting the sector of restaurants; While in Norway it was estimated that the costs for this cause were around USD 600 million. Is therefore that the advances that may exist in the field of innovations in this sector are quite relevant. We will show some of them below.     Read more …


CREATECH presents new proposal V FONDEF VIU winners

2015-12-18In late November the National Commission of scientific and technological research of Chile, CONICYT, delivered through its FONDEF program outcomes of the Stage 1 the V contest of valorization of research at the University (VIU).

This version, that had a growth of the 50% in applications in relation to the previous version, awarded 74 projects, that it will receive a CLP 2 million to develop within a period of 3 months your Business Plan and work Plan. Of the things that draw the most attention is that 62 of the 74 winning projects, i.e. close of the 85%, are different to the metropolitan regions. The universities were awarded more projects are the University of Concepción with 13 projects, the University of Bio Bio with 9 projects and the University Austral of Chile with 7 projects.     Read more …


"Game Changers" was titled the International Conference N ° 30 of SCIP and the CREATECH was present

2015-07-21In the middle of May was held in Atlanta, United States Conference and exhibition annual number 30 of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), entitled "Game Changers", dedicated to the visionary strategic companies; that is to say those who change the traditional way of doing things in business.     Read more …


BIO International Convention held this week with participation of CREATECH

Between Monday 15 and Thursday 18 June takes place in Philadelphia, United States, the "BIO International Convention". The most important annual event of biotechnology.

This event brings together around of 1700 exhibitors in more of 60 pavilions of different States, regions and countries. With the participation not only of the companies leaders in biotechnology and major pharmaceutical companies around the world, but also with the assistance of more of 300 academic and research institutions, including laboratories and relevant government agencies. It also has the participation of leading consulting companies and services in the area.

This year Catherine Jelinek, General Manager of CREATECH, you are attending the Convention. So we will inform you in a future article about their participation and highlights from the event.


CREATECH supports winners of FONDEF VIU with attractive offer

2014-11-20Below and as mentioned in the previous article "FONDEF delivers results of IV contest of valorisation of the research University", We deliver in the following lines of information about the services offered by CREATECH for winners of the stage 1 the IV contest of valorization of research at the University (VIU) FONDEF of Chile's.

CREATECH has extensive experience advising projects for innovation and development (R & d) and technology transfer, doing more than 450 consultants and has supported the request for more of 50 national and international patent applications. It should be noted that the Government of Chile, through CORFO InnovaChile, He chose to CREATECH as first member of the "Registration of entities to carry out valuation of market and enhancement of intellectual property (Market &IP Assesment).     Read more …


Catherine Jelinek renews his credential as a Certified Licensing Professional

05-06-2014In the year 2008, under the initiative of Licensing Executives Society (LES) United States and Canada, the program was launched Certified Licensing ProfessionalTM (CLP), as a way to recognize professionals who have demonstrated their experience and competence in intellectual property licensing and who are committed to the professional development and achievement of the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their duties at the highest level of quality. There are currently more than 850 professional credential CLP ™ worldwide. Catherine W. Jelinek, General Manager of CREATECH, who is part of these professionals from 2008, earned this month Re-certification of their credentials as CLP for the next three years.     Read more …


WIPO and INAPI invite Catherine Jelinek to give a view of technology transfer in Chile in the Workshop Intellectual Property Management in Universities and Successful Technology Licensing (STL)


From left to right, Etienne Choupay, Javier Ramírez, Matias Vial and Catherine Jelinek. Courtesy of LETTERGT

Workshop Intellectual Property Management in Universities and Successful Technology Licensing (STL) organized by WIPO and INAPI, Catherine Jelinek (General Manager of CREATECH) He directed the day Monday 21 the Roundtable entitled Emerging Technology Transfer Issues in University - Industry relations in Chile. At the round table, Catherine was accompanied by Javier Ramírez (Director of innovation of the Vice Presidency for innovation and development of the University of Chile), Etienne Choupay (Director innovation and entrepreneurship of the Vice Presidency of inv. and advanced studies, PUCV) and Matias Vial (Director of development and innovation, management of innovation and development of the Universidad de los Andes).     Read more …


Georgia State University students meet with Catherine Jelinek to know the surroundings of businesses in Chile

20131113In the framework of the programme "Management in Different World Regions": "The Case of South America", the team of Georgia State University headed by the professors Pedro Carrillo and Dr. David Bruce, together with the students of this program, they visited the countries of Chile and Argentina in August of 2013 to learn more about the dynamics that affect the management of business.

The program, organized by the Institute of International Business within the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, seeks to teach their students how to develop business in or with emerging economies as the Chilean, based on historical factors and the global pressures in order to meet the challenges of international business. In the second stage of this program, the students visited the countries of Chile and Argentina to be able to meet with companies of great importance in their sectors, where academics who run the program thought Catherine Jelinek, Founder and General Manager of CREATECH, who is a graduate of Georgia State University and is an example of entrepreneurship in Chile.

Catherine talk, carried out the day 8 in August at the Hotel Ibis Providencia in Santiago, It consisted of delivering the experience of generating a company in Chile with all their challenges, at the same time give a view of the Chilean situation in relation to innovation, entrepreneurship and internationalization.

Also in Chile, the Group met with American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), Start-up Chile, CMPC, University Diego Portales (UDP) and moral and kisses. For Argentina, they met with Mastellone, Salvador University, AmCham, Simmons, ARCOR, INTI, Argentinian tubes and the courts.


Sources consulted: Management in Different World Regions: The Case of South America

For more information, visit: Catherine Jelinek presents "Innovation in Chile" to students from Georgia State University


Only 1 of each 4 Chilean entrepreneurs have financial knowledge

2013-02-08More than half of the entrepreneurs in Chile (the 55%) It has no knowledge of concepts such as interest or inflation rates, According to the conclusions that threw a bulletin by the studies Division of the Ministry of economy, analysis based on the results of the second survey of company's 2011. This corresponds to say that only 1 of each 4 entrepreneurs have some degree of financial literacy.

Other conclusions in the report published yesterday on the website of the Ministry of finance show that there are no differences according to gender, but by educational level: 86% entrepreneurs without education they couldn't answer any questions correctly, Figure falling to 52% for those who have basic education, 32% secondary education and 20% College education.     Read more …