Exponents International presented its experiences in Conference on innovation and biotechnology

Exhibitors of Conference international organized by AmCham. Photo: CREATECH.

Exhibitors of Conference international organized by AmCham. Photo: CREATECH.

The day 14 November was held in Santiago de Chile, the "Conference international innovation and biotechnology: Connecting with the world". The meeting organized by image of Chile and the Camera Chileno-Norteamericana of Commerce AmCham Chile, gathered around of 200 Professional and students linked to the innovation and to the biotechnology and counted with the participation of important exhibitors foreign and national. Then we tell you what tried this activity, supported by CORFO and attended part of the team of CREATECH.

The Welcome to the Conference was to charge of William Carey, Director and President of the Innovation Committee of AmCham Chile, Myriam Gómez, Executive Director of image of Chile, and Marcela angle, Manager of technological capabilities of CORFO. The latter referred to the way in which innovation in Chile is financed, Stressing that 2/3 of the investment it made the State and the universities, While only 1/3 the investment done by the private. For what is necessary to generate initiatives to connect the talent, existing mainly in universities, with the needs specific of the sector private.     Read more …


Edward Yoo and Katya Hott video games experts close series of workshops to 200 Chilean children on innovation and intellectual property

Ambassador Alejandro Wolff delivers his speech. Source: AmCham

On Wednesday 4 April, the United States Ambassador to Chile, Alejandro Wolff, presented at the offices of the Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) the U.S. experts Katya Hott and Edward Yoo, who showed the results of a series of workshops that were issued in Chile, between the 29 March and the 3 April, where they were taught to design video games over two hundred school children between 12 and 16 years.1

The event, under the title"Promoting innovation among young people: Design of video games experts highlight the importance of intellectual property protection”, counted as organizers to the Embassy of United States in Chile and Licensing Executives Services Chile (LES Chile).     Read more …


Catherine Jelinek presents "Innovation in Chile" to students from Georgia State University

Hotel Rugendas, in Santiago de Chile, earlier this month of August held a talk at Georgia State University. In this, as well as other guests comoCatherine Jelinek, also Brian Wilson made an exhibition, the office of the State of Georgia in Chile.     Read more …