CREATECH teaches course on technology transfer in the Universidad Santa Maria

Jovanka Trebotich of CREATECH together with the Diploma students. Photo courtesy USM.

In August of this year Jovanka Trebotich, CREATECH studies Manager, It was a part of the Diploma innovation and technology transfer of the University Federico Santa Maria, in the context of the engineering program 2030. Jovanka was in charge of the module 6, entitled "critical and aspects relevant for the development of technology transfer - managers, Brokers, Articulators with sectors outside USM".     Read more …


Catherine Jelinek demonstrates its competence in licensing to renew your credential Certified Licensing Professional

Recently Catherine Jelinek, General Manager of CREATECH, It renewed for three years their credentials as Certified Licensing ProfessionalTM (CLP). Program that was initiated in 2008 on the initiative of Licensing Executives Society (LES) United States and Canada to recognize professionals who have demonstrated their experience and competence in intellectual property licensing, they are committed to the professional development and the achievement of skills and knowledge necessary to perform their duties at the highest level of quality.     Read more …


Licensing Activity Survey FY2015: A look at the University technology transfer in United States

AUTM technology transfer cycle. Image made by AUTM.

AUTM technology transfer cycle. Image made by AUTM.

Year after year, from 1991, the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) performs the "Licensing Activity Survey", study through which data of the annual activity of technology transfer carried out by universities in the United States are delivered. This year, in its version number 25, We will review the highlights of the study.

To contextualize, notably, in the last 25 years, They reported more than 380 thousand innovations to the offices of technology transfer from universities in United States, they were more than 206 thousand patent applications, emitting more than 84 thousand patents in United States. The revenue by licensing exceed the USD 37 thousand million. These licensed innovations became more of 10 thousand new products introduced to the market. Is created near 11.000 start up companies.     Read more …


Office of transfer and licensing of the Catholic University of Temuco, working in the generation of a stable link between research and industry in Chile from the region of La Araucanía

2016-10-28In the previous article "office of technology transfer and licensing: a link between the research and the industry to promote technological development in the world", posted in our blog makes a time, talk about, on the importance of the work carried out by the offices of transfer and licensing (OTL) in terms of the bonding and/or technology transfer between university research and industry. You could see this relationship in countries such as the United States is consolidated, and how in Latin America little by little taking greater relevance.

In the case of Chile, currently there are 18 Transfer and licensing offices running. Among them is the The Catholic University of Temuco OTL (UCTemuco), with whom CREATECH collaborated recently and that it will have more then.     Read more …


Increase considerable in projects awarded and high presence of regions in results of stage 2 of V FONDEF VIU

2016-07-27In moments that are being evaluated the projects submitted to Stage 1 the VI contest of valorisation of the research at the University (VIU), whose call closed at the beginning of June, It gave to know them Stage results 2 the V contest of valorization of research at the University.

The National Commission of science and technology in Chile (CONICYT), through its program FONDEF, It seeks to promote a culture of innovative entrepreneurship in the Chilean universities, so is characterized by support and provide funding to projects of students of undergraduate and graduate thesis, whose research can be transformed into enterprises.     Read more …


Talk about technology transfer by CORFO and organised by LES Chile, presents new strategies in this topic

2016-07-15The past 22 June was held in Santiago, talk "Strategy of transfer technology for Chile", organized by Licensing Executive Society Chile (LES Chile), Chilean subsidiary of Licensing Executives Society International (LESI). This was dictated by Marcia Varela, Deputy Manager of technological transfer of the management of technological capabilities of CORFO. The event was attended by members and guests of LES Chile, related to the area of intellectual property, mainly lawyers. Below we provide more details of this event, attended Jovanka Trebotich, Studies Manager; and Romina barrier, New business manager, of CREATECH.     Read more …


Office of technology transfer and licensing: a link between the research and the industry to promote technological development in the world.

2016-04-28Bonding and/or technology transfer between industry and institutions conducting research, be they universities through its offices in transfer and licensing (OTLs) or research centres, It is necessary for the development of a country. Nila Bhakuni leading of the OTL from Rice University in Houston says in this regard:

“The industry needs technology and people with real expertise, that can come from universities or other entities […]. It is up to us at the universities say that we are the place to do it. For example, Rice University researchers have invented things like nanotubes and are making the world a better place."

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CREATECH studies: Market & IP Assessment answers what is my target market and advantages over the competition??

2015-10-28Through a wide range of innovations and market studies, CREATECH helps innovators and their potential partners or investors to assess business opportunities for innovations and develop strategies to take advantage of these opportunities, in local and international markets. During the next months we will publish a series of articles highlighting some of the studies more required.

On the road from lab to the market, researchers or entrepreneurs have questions to evaluate and increase the impact and relevance of its innovations, as the following:

  • What is the State of the art in relation to my innovation?
  • Is my invention patentable? Which strategy for the protection of industrial and intellectual property (PI) I need to follow?
  • What is the need or pain of the market and what are the potential benefits of my innovation to solve this?
  • How does compare my innovation with which today offers competition to solve the same need?
  • My innovation applications and which markets are most feasible and attractive, to focus on marketing?
  • What business model should I choose, to reach the target market with an attractive and competitive offer?
  • Who are my potential partners or customers for r & d, marketing or licensing?

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Technological research of the program IDEA competition in 2 Stages of FONDEF is soon to open applications

2015-08-13In 2012 the IDEA program is born in 2 Stages of CONICYT, executed through FONDEF, as financial support for the implementation of projects of scientific and technological research which could have an economic and/or social impact on Chile and whose results can be obtained and evaluated in short term. It arose as a new version of the research and development contests (R & d) previously funded by the entity.

Recently the third competition of technological research awarded CLP 1982 divided million in 14 projects. The areas that more projects were awarded are: Fisheries and aquaculture, Social Sciences and education; and food and agriculture. On the other hand the British Council through the Newton Fund - bite you It financed part of the allocated resources, delivering CLP 437 million.     Read more …


With new applications open to V contest FONDEF VIU

2015-07-24At a time when you are waiting for the results of the stage 2 of the IV contest FONDEF VIU, opened in early July and up to the 31 August, nominations to the V contest of valorisation of the research at the University (VIU). The competition seeks to promote a culture of innovative entrepreneurship in the Chilean University. Below we provide details of the bases, requirements for applications and developments of this new VIU.     Read more …