CREATECH team delivers your favorite tips for creating a good Elevator Pitch

There is an erroneous thought at the time to try to get funding for a venture, and it is to believe that you simply having a good idea so that it is secured. However this is not true, of course it is important idea, but the key is in how it is sold.

It is important to consider that investors in general have little time to listen to new ideas and the same happens to obtain grants presentations; is this which is essential to achieve interest to a person or to an audience in the shortest possible time. This line uses the Elevator Pitch, discourse that in a short time, normally between 3 and 8 minutes, He manages to describe a project or undertaking in a manner clear to position it in the memory of the potential investors.     Read more …


Venture Capital and Private Equity investment funds, current state of this industry in Chile

Risk Capital or Venture Capital (VC) and private financing or Private Equity (PE) they are forms of financing to start up companies that are at the early stage and have high growth potential but also a high risk, and that they have previously managed another type of FFF or seed Capital financing. This funding consists of the delivery of capital from investors in Exchange for a percentage of the company private.

Earlier this year we published the article "Brazil risk according to CAF and leader in Latin America in private investment", in which we conducted a review on the status of this type of investment in Latin America. This time we focus on the State of private investment to finance business in early stages in Chile.

According to the last "2015-2016 Scorecard The Private Equity and Venture Capital Environment in Latin America" by LAVCA, Chile leads the ranking of the Region with 74 points, Although it fell two points since the previous report, Brazil followed with 72 points and Mexico with 65 points.     Read more …


Law of r & d implemented by CORFO, tax benefit that supports investment in innovation

A few years ago we conducted a review to different aspects to the "law of r & d", tax benefit that gives the State of Chile to those companies that certify investment for the development and implementation of research projects and development (R & d). TO 8 years of its implementation, and because time has passed since the review, We have decided to remember to summarize in the r & d law question, some results and how to access it.     Read more …


Workshop on financing for entrepreneurs gives continuity to cooperation between CREATECH and Fondo Esperanza

Romina barrier, New business manager of CREATECH dictating FAITH entrepreneurs workshop. CREATECH photographs

Romina barrier, New business manager of CREATECH dictating FAITH entrepreneurs workshop.

Some time ago in the article "With talk about Marketing Digital, materialize cooperation between CREATECH and Fondo Esperanza", We tell them that CREATECH has a corporate volunteer program, within which the 7 June began a pilot program, a talk on Marketing Digital, between the consulting firm and Hope Fund (FAITH), institution of social development that supports entrepreneurs(ES) vulnerable sectors.

Continuing with this pilot program, Tuesday 6 September was the second scheduled activity: "Workshop of financing for the venture" in the same office of La Cisterna, neighborhood in Santiago, capital city of Chile. This was performed by Romina barrier, CREATECH as new business manager to support the nomination to funds of entrepreneurs to capital seed FOSIS and SERCOTEC, In addition to teaching about other tools private financing to entrepreneurs in this institution.     Read more …


Increase considerable in projects awarded and high presence of regions in results of stage 2 of V FONDEF VIU

2016-07-27In moments that are being evaluated the projects submitted to Stage 1 the VI contest of valorisation of the research at the University (VIU), whose call closed at the beginning of June, It gave to know them Stage results 2 the V contest of valorization of research at the University.

The National Commission of science and technology in Chile (CONICYT), through its program FONDEF, It seeks to promote a culture of innovative entrepreneurship in the Chilean universities, so is characterized by support and provide funding to projects of students of undergraduate and graduate thesis, whose research can be transformed into enterprises.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: Development kit for the detection of respiratory viruses of BMRC advances in its packaging technology with support of CREATECH

2016-05-24In more than 10 years of experience, CREATECH has supported more of 450 Science and technology-based projects. Although, a large part of the projects have hired our services after being awarded funds, There is also a good part of them that has managed to raise funds with our support. Between 2005 and 2014 We've had a success rate of allocation of the 85%, helping our customers to raise a total of USD 8 million. On the other hand there are projects that have combined the above options, generating a long-term Alliance.     Read more …


Funding for entrepreneurship in Chile: programming of applications of 2016

2016-04-25Get the funding required to walk or climb a venture is essential, but many times this is being affected or delayed by not knowing that financing is the most suitable for the stage in which entrepreneurship is and, If they are State funds, not be clear about the dates of application. We then focus on the financing programs that gives the State in Chile, delivering information and dates of application of some of the most relevant State funds.

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CORFO to CLP delivery 50 million financing for portfolio management in enterprises

2016-03-24Innova Chile CORFO opened a new call to access the program "Innovation - portfolio management", which aims to "support the development of innovation projects portfolio management capabilities in Chilean companies". Below provide more information about this program that closes its call for the 29 April.

The innovation - portfolio management program is oriented enterprises develop a portfolio of innovative projects, which must be worked together with expert organizations that make management about this, including filter actions, prioritization and selection. Preferably using a methodology that maximizes the value of the projects that make up the portfolio, diversify risk, balance the portfolio in different dimensions and support the implementation of the strategy of the company or business unit.     Read more …


Brazil leads Latin America in private investment and risk according to CAF

2015-03-21Risk Capital or Venture Capital (VC) and private financing or Private Equity (PE) they are one of the forms of financing to start up companies that are at the early stage and have high growth potential but also a high risk, and they have already gained another type of financing previously as FFF or seed Capital. This consists of the delivery of capital from investors in Exchange for a percentage of the company private. These forms of financing are very common in United States, country headed by the Venture Capital and Private Equity Country Attractiveness Index by IESE, an example of this is Silicon Valley. In Latin America and the Caribbean there are also, But what is the real scope of this type of financing? We discussed it then.     Read more …


Innovation voucher from CORFO: CLP 7 millions of support links between enterprises and knowledge providers

2016-02-23According to the 8VA survey of innovation in enterprises (2013), carried out by the Ministry of economy, Development and tourism; in Chile the business innovation rate is of 23,68%. That percentage only slightly more than the 7% is done collaboratively. Likewise for r & d activities carried out by the companies only a 5% they are contracted externally. This is with the "purpose of decreasing the gap between the existing knowledge of areas of technological innovation providers offer", with the needs of enterprises and the market", was created the CORFO contest "Bonding program company - suppliers of knowledge": Innovation voucher", that has opened a new call to the 21 March. Then we will give you details of the contest.     Read more …