Exponents International presented its experiences in Conference on innovation and biotechnology

Exhibitors of Conference international organized by AmCham. Photo: CREATECH.

Exhibitors of Conference international organized by AmCham. Photo: CREATECH.

The day 14 November was held in Santiago de Chile, the "Conference international innovation and biotechnology: Connecting with the world". The meeting organized by image of Chile and the Camera Chileno-Norteamericana of Commerce AmCham Chile, gathered around of 200 Professional and students linked to the innovation and to the biotechnology and counted with the participation of important exhibitors foreign and national. Then we tell you what tried this activity, supported by CORFO and attended part of the team of CREATECH.

The Welcome to the Conference was to charge of William Carey, Director and President of the Innovation Committee of AmCham Chile, Myriam Gómez, Executive Director of image of Chile, and Marcela angle, Manager of technological capabilities of CORFO. The latter referred to the way in which innovation in Chile is financed, Stressing that 2/3 of the investment it made the State and the universities, While only 1/3 the investment done by the private. For what is necessary to generate initiatives to connect the talent, existing mainly in universities, with the needs specific of the sector private.     Read more …


Workshop on financing for entrepreneurs gives continuity to cooperation between CREATECH and Fondo Esperanza

Romina barrier, New business manager of CREATECH dictating FAITH entrepreneurs workshop. CREATECH photographs

Romina barrier, New business manager of CREATECH dictating FAITH entrepreneurs workshop.

Some time ago in the article "With talk about Marketing Digital, materialize cooperation between CREATECH and Fondo Esperanza", We tell them that CREATECH has a corporate volunteer program, within which the 7 June began a pilot program, a talk on Marketing Digital, between the consulting firm and Hope Fund (FAITH), institution of social development that supports entrepreneurs(ES) vulnerable sectors.

Continuing with this pilot program, Tuesday 6 September was the second scheduled activity: "Workshop of financing for the venture" in the same office of La Cisterna, neighborhood in Santiago, capital city of Chile. This was performed by Romina barrier, CREATECH as new business manager to support the nomination to funds of entrepreneurs to capital seed FOSIS and SERCOTEC, In addition to teaching about other tools private financing to entrepreneurs in this institution.     Read more …


Fundación Chinquihue: R & d applied as a contribution for the development of small-scale fishing in the South of Chile

2016-09-28The Lakes Region, located in the South of Chile, ES, If not the first, an of the main suppliers of the country and exporting of products of the sea. According to the latest data from the National Institute of statistics (INE) for the July-September quarter of 2014 exports amounted to USD 1105 million per production in farms, landing craft and landing industrial. In addition, According to data from CORFO, almost the 100% the Miticultora industry is in this Region. Is by this that the sector aquaculture-fishing is transformed in a sector strategic of production, with specific policies of subsidies.     Read more …


Innovation in March: C3D provides rapid prototyping, Design 3D and Mechatronics

photography-c3d"To be part of the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in Chile, supporting and supporting companies and entrepreneurs to realize their ideas. Be a reference company of leading open innovation innovative solutions in the area of Mechatronics and technology products".

It is the Mission of Crea3D engineering limited company, more known as C3D, company focused on innovation open in the area of the Mechatronics. Founded in 2012 and formed by Juan Pablo Oyarzun, Gabriel Aulestia, Felipe Bravo and Cristian Reichert. C3D specializes in the delivery of services of IyD+i companies and entrepreneurs have needs of developing ideas and technological projects.     Read more …


Increase considerable in projects awarded and high presence of regions in results of stage 2 of V FONDEF VIU

2016-07-27In moments that are being evaluated the projects submitted to Stage 1 the VI contest of valorisation of the research at the University (VIU), whose call closed at the beginning of June, It gave to know them Stage results 2 the V contest of valorization of research at the University.

The National Commission of science and technology in Chile (CONICYT), through its program FONDEF, It seeks to promote a culture of innovative entrepreneurship in the Chilean universities, so is characterized by support and provide funding to projects of students of undergraduate and graduate thesis, whose research can be transformed into enterprises.     Read more …


Talk about technology transfer by CORFO and organised by LES Chile, presents new strategies in this topic

2016-07-15The past 22 June was held in Santiago, talk "Strategy of transfer technology for Chile", organized by Licensing Executive Society Chile (LES Chile), Chilean subsidiary of Licensing Executives Society International (LESI). This was dictated by Marcia Varela, Deputy Manager of technological transfer of the management of technological capabilities of CORFO. The event was attended by members and guests of LES Chile, related to the area of intellectual property, mainly lawyers. Below we provide more details of this event, attended Jovanka Trebotich, Studies Manager; and Romina barrier, New business manager, of CREATECH.     Read more …


Talk about Marketing Digital, materialize cooperation between CREATECH and Fondo Esperanza

2016-06-29The 7 June in La Cisterna, a suburb of the capital city of Santiago, Chile, a group of microentrepreneurs who are partners of Fondo Esperanza enjoyed a seminar given by CREATECH Marketing digital. Provided as part of the company's corporate volunteer program, This event marked the beginning of a pilot program between the consulting firm and the institution of social development that supports entrepreneurs(ES) vulnerable sectors.

To contextualize Hope Fund (FAITH) based its model on Grameen Bank, He discussed in the article "Micro-credits: opportunity of financing to microentrepreneurs in developing their businesses". Has more of 100 a thousand active members and has delivered more than 245 thousand credits, you go from the CLP 70 thousand to CLP 5 million.     Read more …


Summer School WIPO on intellectual property is conducted in Santiago with the participation of CREATECH

Macarena Navas along with participants of the Summer School WIPO-Chile. Photo courtesy Macarena Navas.

Macarena Navas along with participants of the Summer School WIPO-Chile. Photo courtesy Macarena Navas.

Between the 25 January and the 5 February was held in Santiago the Summer School WIPO-Chile on intellectual property, organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in collaboration with the National Institute of Industrial property in Chile (INAPI). The training was attended by Macarena Navas, CREATECH technologies Executive, with whom we spoke about the relevance of the course and the highlight of this.

The course brought together a 40 people, most lawyers, but also at offices of engineers of transfer and licensing, among others. He presented 35 talks, with national and international exhibitors, experts in different areas related to intellectual property and Industrial property, topics covered in different ways. The first week the talks focused on broadly enter the tracks, to make way for a single deepening of these, as also explanations of the functions fulfilled by each entity such as WIPO and INAPI, existing treaties of patent and trademark registration. The second week focused mostly on the above applications with issues related to what is patentable, patent search, Copyright, specific cases to finish the course with a practical exercise.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: Wellness Technologies, patience and perseverance the keys of success to go from the idea to the market

logo1"Improving the quality of the nutrition of immunocompromised, preferably patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy to improve his condition and that allows them to deal better with treatment" is the goal to Loreto Ormeño, whom CREATECH advised some years ago, search with your project, now transformed into the company Wellness Technologies. It is nice to put us a day with this entrepreneurial, that told us in a brief conversation about your product that is ready to go to market, on the current situation of your company, the process move from idea to market and about their plans to future.

To contextualize Wellness Technologies, It offers a probiotic that helps the immune system stimulation, to counter the drop in weight, It reduces the discomfort caused by the chemotherapy and radiotherapy, It improves tolerance to food intake, improves levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA), It reduces inflammation of mucous membranes and eliminates nausea and vomiting. One of the main advantages of the developed formulation is the origin of the strain, isolated breast milk, whose characteristics stood out above other lactic acid bacteria. The bacterium can be conditioned to be incorporated into other foods. Additionally, characteristics of texture and taste of the food are not altered by addition of bacteria.     Read more …


CREATECH celebrates 10 years driving your way to success

2016-01-06In 2015 We celebrate in CREATECH 10 years of supporting, Since its foundation in 2005, the transfer from the idea to the market of projects based on Science and technology. With operations in South America and North America our services, made by a multidisciplinary team of experts, they respond to the key needs that arise in the way of innovation and entrepreneurship.

On our anniversary we reaffirm our commitment to continue working with conviction to perform our tasks in the best possible way and maintain the same motivation to connect with the community from different edges, to help build the road to the success of our customers.

We then show you our experience in the following presentation. We hope you enjoy this look of CREATECH, of as it is today and some highlights of our work and participation with the community in the latter 10 years.

Anniversary presentation: 10 years driving your way to success