Loreto Valenzuela and his FishExtend project progress on the road from idea to market

Earlier this year the CREATECH team was assisting Loreto Valenzuela of the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile, in his FishExtend project, an edible coating in format of spray that allows to extend the freshness of the salmon.     Read more …


CREATECH team delivers your favorite tips for creating a good Elevator Pitch

There is an erroneous thought at the time to try to get funding for a venture, and it is to believe that you simply having a good idea so that it is secured. However this is not true, of course it is important idea, but the key is in how it is sold.

It is important to consider that investors in general have little time to listen to new ideas and the same happens to obtain grants presentations; is this which is essential to achieve interest to a person or to an audience in the shortest possible time. This line uses the Elevator Pitch, discourse that in a short time, normally between 3 and 8 minutes, He manages to describe a project or undertaking in a manner clear to position it in the memory of the potential investors.     Read more …


Venture Capital and Private Equity investment funds, current state of this industry in Chile

Risk Capital or Venture Capital (VC) and private financing or Private Equity (PE) they are forms of financing to start up companies that are at the early stage and have high growth potential but also a high risk, and that they have previously managed another type of FFF or seed Capital financing. This funding consists of the delivery of capital from investors in Exchange for a percentage of the company private.

Earlier this year we published the article "Brazil risk according to CAF and leader in Latin America in private investment", in which we conducted a review on the status of this type of investment in Latin America. This time we focus on the State of private investment to finance business in early stages in Chile.

According to the last "2015-2016 Scorecard The Private Equity and Venture Capital Environment in Latin America" by LAVCA, Chile leads the ranking of the Region with 74 points, Although it fell two points since the previous report, Brazil followed with 72 points and Mexico with 65 points.     Read more …


Brazil leads Latin America in private investment and risk according to CAF

2015-03-21Risk Capital or Venture Capital (VC) and private financing or Private Equity (PE) they are one of the forms of financing to start up companies that are at the early stage and have high growth potential but also a high risk, and they have already gained another type of financing previously as FFF or seed Capital. This consists of the delivery of capital from investors in Exchange for a percentage of the company private. These forms of financing are very common in United States, country headed by the Venture Capital and Private Equity Country Attractiveness Index by IESE, an example of this is Silicon Valley. In Latin America and the Caribbean there are also, But what is the real scope of this type of financing? We discussed it then.     Read more …


A world tour of R&D tax incentives

2015-06-22-01Research and Development (R&D) is one of the key ingredients in innovation and in improving the outlook for both companies and for the economy in general. Many countries understand this, and thus their governments have implemented an assortment of incentives to encourage R&D. These include tax credits and subsidies, among other approaches. Given our interests at CREATECH in both R&D and commercialization of its results, often though entrepreneurship and internationalization, we asked ourselves: How widespread are these incentives? Do they coincide with other national innovation rankings? And would they drive a startup’s decision to locate in a particular country?     Read more …


CORFO performs talk about research and development presence of CREATECH

Exhibition of Patricio Feres, Innovation Manager of CORFO.

Exhibition of Patricio Feres, Innovation Manager of CORFO.

The past 24 March was held in premises of SOFOFA talk "more investment in r & d, more competitiveness for our companies', dictated by CORFO. The aim of this was to publicize tax benefits through the law for investment in r & d and other instruments of CORFO, which support business innovation.

Welcoming remarks were made by the General Secretary of SOFOFA Jorge Ortúzar, who gave way to three exhibitions of representatives of CORFO and a case study of application of law of tax benefits for investment in r & d.     Read more …


Install new accelerators and investment funds Chile during 2015

2014-12-23It appears that the growing ecosystem of entrepreneurship existing in Chile is calling the attention of accelerators and funds investment both Latin America and the rest of the world, Since there are several groupings that will be installed in our country during the 2015 and others that are analyzing the possibility of settling in Chile.

The above example is Agora Partnerships, Accelerator American presence in Chile through some start-ups, It seeks to increase its impact in our country. So it installed an office in Santiago during the first quarter of next year, that added to the existing ones in Washington, Of Mexico City and Managua.     Read more …


Michelle Bachelet Unveils Plan for strengthening of investment 2014

2014-09-17The economic slowdown in Chile that has been noted in recent months, with a growth of the activity less than 1% in June, an investment that fell about 8% in the second quarter and a labor market that tends to deteriorate, has concerned all sectors. Por esta razón y con el fin de que la economía chilena retome el ritmo de crecimiento, the 1 in September the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, accompanied by the Ministers of the Interior, Hacienda, Economy and work, unveiled the Strengthening of the investment plan 2014.     Read more …


Michelle Bachelet presented productivity Agenda, Innovation and growth

2014-06-18In mid May the President Bachelet unveiled the Productivity agenda, Innovation and growth. The aim of this is to lay the groundwork for the development of an economy that does not depend on just the exploitation and export of natural resources. USD will be destined to carry out the Agenda 1.500 million, with emphasis on public-private cooperation, Since as mentioned the President Bachelet in his speech "know that it is not enough with the work of the State, a modern economy can only be built if there is close cooperation and interaction between the capacities of the private sector and the public sector”.     Read more …


R & d law: What are the results of the law?

2014-06-12-sContinuing with our series of articles devoted to the r & d tax incentive Act, We will announce the results that it has had since its implementation in 2008, until June of 2013, including those obtained from your modification in 2012.

According to rates provided by the OECD in developed countries in r & d investment comes to a 2,5% of GDP, While in Chile does not exceed the 0,5% This. On the other hand, according to the latest data available, March of 2011, in Chile, only the 44% of the total investment in research and development (R & d) It was built by companies, While the OECD average came to 65%. Achieve these figures are some of the objectives that have been proposed for the last Chilean Governments, looking at the same time convert to the country in a pole of innovation.     Read more …