Diversity of expertise is highlighted in the new members of CREATECH, from Industrial design to Biomining and Cultural Management

Team of Area Studies of CREATECH: Samanta Elgueta, Jovanka Trebotich, Susana Labra and Paula Escudero.

This 2017, along with the change of year also added to new members to the team of professional of CREATECH, specifically to our Area of studies that provides this type of advice to our clients. Welcome to Samanta Elgueta, Susana Labra and Paula Escudero, who will be advising entrepreneurs, researchers and to companies in terms of evaluating markets, transfer and commercialization for innovation strategies, coming of results of r & d in terms of science and technology. Jovanka Trebotich, Studies Manager, says that "these professionals enrich the capabilities of this Area of CREATECH, they have experience and training in different disciplines and industries".     Read more …


CREATECH cases: Development kit for the detection of respiratory viruses of BMRC advances in its packaging technology with support of CREATECH

2016-05-24In more than 10 years of experience, CREATECH has supported more of 450 Science and technology-based projects. Although, a large part of the projects have hired our services after being awarded funds, There is also a good part of them that has managed to raise funds with our support. Between 2005 and 2014 We've had a success rate of allocation of the 85%, helping our customers to raise a total of USD 8 million. On the other hand there are projects that have combined the above options, generating a long-term Alliance.     Read more …


Tsunami prediction system developed by Chilean and advised by CREATECH is in the stage of trial run

2015-12-02It is known that Chile is a seismic country and usually the epicenters of these are located near or on the coast. So the risk of a tsunami occurring, especially those on the 7,5 Richter, is tall. Faced with this situation a team of engineers from the University of Santa Maria (USM) together with Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy (SHOA) is developing, from 2012, the Integrated Tsunami Warning and Forecasting System (SIPAT) which we give more details below.

The project "Design and implementation of a database of tsunami prediction for the Chilean coast using high-performance computer modeling", código D11I1119, Catalan and directed by Patricio Marcelo Bravo, de la USM, It could be developed thanks to the award of the XIX Competition FONDEF R & D in 2011, he gave them CLP 300 million, also counting on technical assistance from the German Aerospace Agency.     Read more …


CREATECH studies: Market & IP Assessment answers what is my target market and advantages over the competition??

2015-10-28Through a wide range of innovations and market studies, CREATECH helps innovators and their potential partners or investors to assess business opportunities for innovations and develop strategies to take advantage of these opportunities, in local and international markets. During the next months we will publish a series of articles highlighting some of the studies more required.

On the road from lab to the market, researchers or entrepreneurs have questions to evaluate and increase the impact and relevance of its innovations, as the following:

  • What is the State of the art in relation to my innovation?
  • Is my invention patentable? Which strategy for the protection of industrial and intellectual property (PI) I need to follow?
  • What is the need or pain of the market and what are the potential benefits of my innovation to solve this?
  • How does compare my innovation with which today offers competition to solve the same need?
  • My innovation applications and which markets are most feasible and attractive, to focus on marketing?
  • What business model should I choose, to reach the target market with an attractive and competitive offer?
  • Who are my potential partners or customers for r & d, marketing or licensing?

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Fernando Ulloa and his project of veterinary medicine are among the winners of the Regional competition III FONDEF VIU

2015-08-27At a time in which the V contest of valuation research at the University (VIU) FONDEF has open their applications, We talked with Fernando Ulloa, who was recently awarded the stage 2 the third Regional version of this contest with the project "Improvement of the diagnosis of Bovine Mastitis: implementation of molecular testing", supported by CREATECH and Universidad Austral. In the interview, Fernando tells us about your project, his candidacy to VIU and is what's next for your project.

According to Fernando Ulloa, who is doctor veterinarian master of science, Mention of Microbiology of the University Austral of Chile, Bovine Mastitis is an expensive disease for industry dairy, Since only in the Region of the rivers are left to generate USD 10 million by the decline in milk production. Along with this, detection of the disease is slow, Since the currently used diagnostic method of Bacteriological culture that takes 4 days to generate results and not is very sensitive. In addition routine checks are not performed, What finally causes late disease control.     Read more …


Innovative companies attention: Hires CREATECH through the innovation Voucher from CORFO

2015-05-28"Contribute to develop innovative solutions to problems of productivity and/or competitiveness of Chilean companies through linking with suppliers of knowledge" is the goal of the new Bonding company - suppliers of knowledge program: Innovation voucher CORFO, that has open its applications up to the 18 June.

This program is intended to National companies, you pay tax in the first category, and a Individual entrepreneurs, greater of 18 years. Funding delivered by CORFO corresponds to 90% for Micro and small business, 75% for medium-sized enterprises and 50% for large enterprise, with a maximum amount of CLP 7 million.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: INIA, developing technologies to support annual crops

Left: In Vitro test for seed. Right: Molecular test for plants. Images courtesy of INIA

Left: In Vitro test for seed. Right: Molecular test for plants. Images courtesy of INIA

The National Institute of agricultural research of Chile, INIA, is characterized by, among other things, develop technological tools to facilitate work in the agricultural area. These investigations include the project "Design and implementation of a business plan for the packaging of protocols for detection of herbicide-resistant weed biotypes", winner of a grant of line 4 r & d applied CORFO program. Ph.d.. Jorge Díaz is one of the researchers of INIA in Araucanía region, This project manager, He spoke with CREATECH to tell us about the project and his experience of working in innovation.     Read more …


INAPI assumed duties as new authority ISA/IPEA for PCT

2014-10-30-1Since the 22 October, the National Institute of Industrial property in Chile, INAPI, will begin to operate as International Searching Authority (ISA) and as International Preliminary Examination (IPEA) of the Patent Coperation Treaty (PCT). This new feature of INAPI will enable it to produce international reports on the State of the art for the granting of patent right. But, What is the PCT, What are the functions of an authority ISA/IPEA, What does this new feature of INAPI and benefit has to Chilean applicants. Below we provide more information.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: CREAS, innovating in the area of healthy foods

2014-10-14-01In the Valparaíso Region of Chile, is CREAS, Regional Centre for studies into food and health, whose objective is "to position Chile as a food power through the development of healthy and functional foods. Incorporating an added value in the production chain through the generation of functional ingredients and formulation of healthy foods". In 2013, THINK was awarded the grant line 1 the applied r & d program of CORFO with your project "Raisins flavored with probiotics coating". Araceli Olivares, Ph.d.. in engineering sciences and researcher of the process unit of CREAS, and one of the developers of the project, He talked to us about her experience in the world of innovation, of the project and his experience of working with CREATECH.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: SimulaUC, using r & d for optimization of production

2014-09-25Within the Applied r & d program CORFO, is the Line 3 Valorisation and protection, whose objective is "to support research and development projects (R & D) Advanced, whose results are likely to be valued and transferred to market". Simulates UC, spin off, born to the eave of the Universidad Católica de Chile, was awarded this line for your project Simulates Planner, tool in web application format, It uses data in real time for the optimization of the production in the planning stages, scheduling and production control. Pablo Senosiain, Area Manager simulates UC, He spoke with CREATECH to tell us about the experience of innovation.     Read more …