Sebastián Piñera's new Government proposals for science and technology, Innovation and entrepreneurship in Chile

In December of 2017 were conducted presidential elections in Chile, being elected, for the second time, businessman Sebastián Piñera. This implies, as in any change in Government, especially if the political side is changed, have new goals and approaches for the development of public policies in different areas. Some of them are the area of science and technology, Entrepreneurship and innovation what are the guidelines that will govern the development of this field? The answer is not at all clear, But if you can have some lights according to presented in the Government programme. Some of the measures which appear in the document Government program 2018-2022 We mention them here.     Read more …


Venture Capital and Private Equity investment funds, current state of this industry in Chile

Risk Capital or Venture Capital (VC) and private financing or Private Equity (PE) they are forms of financing to start up companies that are at the early stage and have high growth potential but also a high risk, and that they have previously managed another type of FFF or seed Capital financing. This funding consists of the delivery of capital from investors in Exchange for a percentage of the company private.

Earlier this year we published the article "Brazil risk according to CAF and leader in Latin America in private investment", in which we conducted a review on the status of this type of investment in Latin America. This time we focus on the State of private investment to finance business in early stages in Chile.

According to the last "2015-2016 Scorecard The Private Equity and Venture Capital Environment in Latin America" by LAVCA, Chile leads the ranking of the Region with 74 points, Although it fell two points since the previous report, Brazil followed with 72 points and Mexico with 65 points.     Read more …


Law of r & d implemented by CORFO, tax benefit that supports investment in innovation

A few years ago we conducted a review to different aspects to the "law of r & d", tax benefit that gives the State of Chile to those companies that certify investment for the development and implementation of research projects and development (R & d). TO 8 years of its implementation, and because time has passed since the review, We have decided to remember to summarize in the r & d law question, some results and how to access it.     Read more …


Possible output of United States of the TPP, What is the panorama?

2016-11-29The past 8 of November is celebrated the election Presidential in United States, being elected the candidate Republican and entrepreneur Donald Trump. With regard to its plan of Government in relation to entrepreneurship e innovation still not there is clarity of what will be his stance and them measures that this will boost. However, It has declared what measures are which will take during the first 100 days of his Government, among them is the not ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). What is what can occur if this Treaty not is ratified by United States in the Region of Pacific?? There are analysis that can help to give clarity on the panorama and you them we show below.     Read more …


Challenges technology in the enterprises: who resort to innovate?

2016-10-18Is common that in the enterprises will generate challenges technological, whether to implement new or improved processes that help the smooth functioning of this, either to bring to market new products or services. However sometimes they do not come to see the light, because you are not sure if it will work or not having the necessary capabilities it is not known who resort to be able to solve these challenges. Surely to you them has taken place this in several opportunities, and the same question has been who do contact for what I can support in the solution of the problem? We will then give you some solutions available.

Along the Chile is possible find a range of support through various entities that can contribute with its expertise in different requirements of the process of innovation.     Read more …


Innovation in March: C3D provides rapid prototyping, Design 3D and Mechatronics

photography-c3d"To be part of the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in Chile, supporting and supporting companies and entrepreneurs to realize their ideas. Be a reference company of leading open innovation innovative solutions in the area of Mechatronics and technology products".

It is the Mission of Crea3D engineering limited company, more known as C3D, company focused on innovation open in the area of the Mechatronics. Founded in 2012 and formed by Juan Pablo Oyarzun, Gabriel Aulestia, Felipe Bravo and Cristian Reichert. C3D specializes in the delivery of services of IyD+i companies and entrepreneurs have needs of developing ideas and technological projects.     Read more …


Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: review the State of entrepreneurship worldwide

2016-08-24Since ago 17 years the Global Entrepreneurship Research Association, founded by Babson College and London Business School and sponsored by organizations from around the world, among them is the University for the development of Chile; oversees the preparation of the report Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). Annual report, to check the State of entrepreneurship in different economies of the world, including Chile. Then you give some of those indicators more relevant of the more recent report.     Read more …


CORFO presents "Portfolio of corporate r & d", program that supports innovation in enterprises

2016-08-03An of the solutions that is suggest to countries in way of development can enhance it competitiveness, It is to create public policies to promote and develop innovations in the productive structure of these countries. In the case of Chile, CORFO is an important channel for the Government to develop and implement these policies. Is in this context that the State entity, through Innova Chile, It has launched the Program portfolio of business r & d, that we will deliver more details below.

This program is open up to the 22 September and directed to for-profit companies, constituted in Chile, you pay tax in category 1. Its aim is to "promoting the development of innovations in national companies from the challenge of high impact solution".     Read more …


Increase considerable in projects awarded and high presence of regions in results of stage 2 of V FONDEF VIU

2016-07-27In moments that are being evaluated the projects submitted to Stage 1 the VI contest of valorisation of the research at the University (VIU), whose call closed at the beginning of June, It gave to know them Stage results 2 the V contest of valorization of research at the University.

The National Commission of science and technology in Chile (CONICYT), through its program FONDEF, It seeks to promote a culture of innovative entrepreneurship in the Chilean universities, so is characterized by support and provide funding to projects of students of undergraduate and graduate thesis, whose research can be transformed into enterprises.     Read more …


Micro-credits: opportunity of financing to microentrepreneurs in developing their business

2016-06-16To carry out an undertaking is required with a start capital or financing to make it grow. Usually this capital, especially at the beginning, It gets people close or competitive grants; Another option are the loans from banks. However they are not always needed large sums of money to carry out a project or to finance the expansion of the business; either not always the entrepreneur can access traditional banks to obtain the money needed. It is in this case a good choice are micro-credit. What is this and how to access them, We tell you then.

A micro-credit is a small loan that provides an entity to a person or group, to develop a project or business. It is not usually necessary to declare income, since they are focused on groups that do not have access to traditional banking. The aim of this may be to start with a project or to make it grow, buy inputs or machinery, for example. The return of this is relative and will depend on the type of entity that delivers microcredit, It can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or when the project has enough success to return money. Microcredit is primarily based on mutual trust, responsibility and participation, Since when the loan includes a group of people all must be responsible for the return of this.     Read more …