Loreto Valenzuela and his FishExtend project progress on the road from idea to market

Earlier this year the CREATECH team was assisting Loreto Valenzuela of the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile, in his FishExtend project, an edible coating in format of spray that allows to extend the freshness of the salmon.     Read more …


Case of CREATECH: Wellness Technologies launches the innovative probiotic Lacte 5 to the market

Image courtesy of Wellness Technologies

From 2005 CREATECH has focused on guiding and supporting entrepreneurs and researchers to go the long way of bringing their ideas to market. This is why we are happy to know that our clients meet their goals. It is the case of María Loreto Ormeño, who with his company investor. Wellness Technologies Ltda., It is ready to launch its first product on the market. Loreto wanted to share this success with us and encourage others who are beginning or are in the process to realize their ideas.

Lacte 5 is the first supplement containing the strain Chilean Lactobacillus Salivarius LPM01, isolated from breast milk healthy women in the Bio Bio Region by the Universidad de Concepción human year 2006 and functionally developed by the company Inversiones Wellness Technologies Ltda. for the development of food and functional supplements.     Read more …


Success stories of researchers and entrepreneurs supported by CREATECH reflects diversity of industries and areas

CREATECH, with more than 10 years of existence, has supported in the transfer of the idea to the market to more than 500 projects from a variety of industries and areas of science and technology which can be classified in:

  • Biotechnology and health
  • The information and communication technologies (ICT)
  • Food, Agricultural, Forestry and aquaculture
  • Renewable energy, Climate, Water and environment
  • Manufacturing, Mining and infrastructure
  • Education and social sciences

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CREATECH cases: Alvaro Lladser, patience and dedication is based on the keys in the advance of research on immunotherapies against cancer in Chile

Image, courtesy Alvaro Lladser of Foundation Science and life.

Image, courtesy Alvaro Lladser of Foundation Science and life.

In Chile, there are several entities that are dedicated to generate research and development, one of them is Foundation Science and life. Founded in 1996, This private entity without profit aims to "improve the economic and social development of Chile through scientific discovery, "the entrepreneurship and the education in Sciences biological". For the founders the sciences play a role essential in the development social and economic of the country. For this reason created the concept science 360 °, low which is working simultaneously on:

  • Promote the discoveries through scientific research
  • Prepare scientists for the future
  • Build networks international that allow the participation of Chile in the science global
  • Promote enterprises of base biological
  • Stimulate and strengthen science education in schools and the community

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Fundación Chinquihue: R & d applied as a contribution for the development of small-scale fishing in the South of Chile

2016-09-28The Lakes Region, located in the South of Chile, ES, If not the first, an of the main suppliers of the country and exporting of products of the sea. According to the latest data from the National Institute of statistics (INE) for the July-September quarter of 2014 exports amounted to USD 1105 million per production in farms, landing craft and landing industrial. In addition, According to data from CORFO, almost the 100% the Miticultora industry is in this Region. Is by this that the sector aquaculture-fishing is transformed in a sector strategic of production, with specific policies of subsidies.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: Development kit for the detection of respiratory viruses of BMRC advances in its packaging technology with support of CREATECH

2016-05-24In more than 10 years of experience, CREATECH has supported more of 450 Science and technology-based projects. Although, a large part of the projects have hired our services after being awarded funds, There is also a good part of them that has managed to raise funds with our support. Between 2005 and 2014 We've had a success rate of allocation of the 85%, helping our customers to raise a total of USD 8 million. On the other hand there are projects that have combined the above options, generating a long-term Alliance.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: Wellness Technologies, patience and perseverance the keys of success to go from the idea to the market

logo1"Improving the quality of the nutrition of immunocompromised, preferably patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy to improve his condition and that allows them to deal better with treatment" is the goal to Loreto Ormeño, whom CREATECH advised some years ago, search with your project, now transformed into the company Wellness Technologies. It is nice to put us a day with this entrepreneurial, that told us in a brief conversation about your product that is ready to go to market, on the current situation of your company, the process move from idea to market and about their plans to future.

To contextualize Wellness Technologies, It offers a probiotic that helps the immune system stimulation, to counter the drop in weight, It reduces the discomfort caused by the chemotherapy and radiotherapy, It improves tolerance to food intake, improves levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA), It reduces inflammation of mucous membranes and eliminates nausea and vomiting. One of the main advantages of the developed formulation is the origin of the strain, isolated breast milk, whose characteristics stood out above other lactic acid bacteria. The bacterium can be conditioned to be incorporated into other foods. Additionally, characteristics of texture and taste of the food are not altered by addition of bacteria.     Read more …


Fernando Ulloa and his project of veterinary medicine are among the winners of the Regional competition III FONDEF VIU

2015-08-27At a time in which the V contest of valuation research at the University (VIU) FONDEF has open their applications, We talked with Fernando Ulloa, who was recently awarded the stage 2 the third Regional version of this contest with the project "Improvement of the diagnosis of Bovine Mastitis: implementation of molecular testing", supported by CREATECH and Universidad Austral. In the interview, Fernando tells us about your project, his candidacy to VIU and is what's next for your project.

According to Fernando Ulloa, who is doctor veterinarian master of science, Mention of Microbiology of the University Austral of Chile, Bovine Mastitis is an expensive disease for industry dairy, Since only in the Region of the rivers are left to generate USD 10 million by the decline in milk production. Along with this, detection of the disease is slow, Since the currently used diagnostic method of Bacteriological culture that takes 4 days to generate results and not is very sensitive. In addition routine checks are not performed, What finally causes late disease control.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: From the South of Chile Henry Herrera, Entrepreneur experienced develops environmental solutions

2014-12-10In the South of Chile, specifically in the city of Ancud is Innovaideas, company that develops innovative projects through a line of environmental biotechnology, with the revaluation of aquaculture waste projects, Fisheries and livestock, remediation of marine sediments, Veterinary solutions for diseases in fish and a line of non-conventional renewable energy projects (NCRE) and climate change. Henry Herrera, its founder, discussed your project with CREATECH Proteolytic Chile, advised by our company and shared her experience as entrepreneurial and innovative.

Proteolytic Chile, winning project in 2012 the subsidy Packaging technology for new business from CORFO, It is an additive which seeks to valorise waste fisheries and aquaculture, most of the salmon industry. This additive allows to transform waste into by-products for various uses. This product is a paste similar to a yogurt containing protein, crushed biomass, and the additive that allows you to keep, improve and adapt the revalued residue to different markets. However in Chile use is limited to fish meal, having the potential to be used for example as a hydrolysate in the pet industry.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: INIA, developing technologies to support annual crops

Left: In Vitro test for seed. Right: Molecular test for plants. Images courtesy of INIA

Left: In Vitro test for seed. Right: Molecular test for plants. Images courtesy of INIA

The National Institute of agricultural research of Chile, INIA, is characterized by, among other things, develop technological tools to facilitate work in the agricultural area. These investigations include the project "Design and implementation of a business plan for the packaging of protocols for detection of herbicide-resistant weed biotypes", winner of a grant of line 4 r & d applied CORFO program. Ph.d.. Jorge Díaz is one of the researchers of INIA in Araucanía region, This project manager, He spoke with CREATECH to tell us about the project and his experience of working in innovation.     Read more …