CREATECH cases: Vaccimed, spin-off of veterinary biomedicine continues contributing to technology transfer in Chile

Vaccimed is a spin-off of the University of Chile born in 2012 and that is dedicated to developing projects focused on veterinary biomedicine. This is how they developed an immunocastration vaccine for pigs, technology which was licensed at the end of 2013 the Brazilian company Vencofarma. For this project Vaccimed had the support of CREATECH conducting a study of Market type & IP Assesment. It's been several years since that cooperation, so in July of this year we contacted Leonardo Saenz, PhD in Biomedical Sciences, Bachelor of veterinary medicine and Director of research at Vaccimed, so we have the present of the spin-off.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: Device created in design contributes to the prevention of the diabetic foot

Footshot prototype. Image provided by AppSolutions SpA.

In the city of Concepción, Region of Bio Bio in Chile, the thesis "characterization of low thermal cameras project was developed, medium and high cost, for use in medical applications"of civil engineers in telecommunications at the University of Concepción, Alejandro Carrasco and Fabian Quiroz. This project gave way, in 2017, to Footshot, device for early detection of ulcers causing the diabetic foot, at the same time that formed Appsolutions SpA, company formed to give support and continuity to the project.     Read more …


With many regions projects awarded in VII contest of valorization of the research University of FONDEF

In 2011 the contest of FONDEF was created "Valorization of research in the University (VIU)”, It aims, as its name implies, "promoting a culture of innovative entrepreneurship in the University community" through the support of University research conducted by graduates of pre and post degree of Chilean universities and that have high potential to become business.

This contest is divided into two stages. In the first stage, each project receives $2 million pesos to finance the development of the Business Plan and work Plan, In addition to the creation of entrepreneurship within a maximum period of three months. While in the second stage are delivered to $24 millions of pesos to execute the Business Plan and realize the entrepreneurship within a maximum of 12 months.     Read more …


Tribute to Milena Alcayaga (Q.E.P.D), his legacy to the field of national technology transfer

In April, we learned the sensitive death of Milena Alcayaga, in that then-Manager of the Office of technology transfer and licensing of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (OTTL USM), who gave a great contribution to the area of protection of intellectual property and technology transfer in Chile during his career more of 20 years.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: C3D sells its recently developed internal portfolio technology, applying Stage Gate NPD process, Lean Design and Open Innovation

Turn left. Technology of C3D of precision which is available in market agriculture. Der. C3D team. Images courtesy of C3D.

Some time ago we present to Society Crea3D (C3D), young company that carries out projects of innovation-applying cutting-edge methodologies for this, as Open Innovation and Lean Design. At that time we discussed that C3D was developing the CORFO project type "Innovation – portfolio management"1, "Implementation of a model of innovation management for innovation projects focused on the development of mechatronic products", code 262388, in which CREATECH acted as a national expert body of innovation.     Read more …


FishExtend, project supported by CREATECH, WINS major international prize

During the past year share an interview conducted by The latest news to Loreto Valenzuela on FishExtend, innovative solution to preserve the freshness of the salmon for more time. This project continues to advance on their way from the idea to the market, and this time we want to share the news that the UC technology “FishExtend” He won prestigious international prize of the fishing industry, It's the ICX Awards (Connection Industry 2017), organized by Fish 2,0. This award provides an opportunity to connect with leaders of the fishing industry and investors, acquire knowledge and experience to apply the venture. The FishExtend award was delivered by the company Albion Farms & Fisheries, offering a full day of consultation with the company's equipment.

We are glad to know that Loreto and his team continue to reap success.

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From may CORFO has new Executive Vice President and new Innovation Manager

Sebastian Sichel, Executive Director of CORFO, and Rocio Fonseca, Innovation Manager of CORFO.

In March of this year was appointed for four years Sebastián Piñera President of Chile. This brings with it some modifications, as for example change of authorities in some State entities. One of those entities is CORFO, Since early May has new Executive Vice President and new Innovation Manager.

The new Executive Vice President, that it replaces the outgoing Eduardo Bitrán, ES Sebastian Sichel, who was presented in April by the Minister of economy, Development and tourism, José Ramón Valente. Sichel is lawyer and master in law public of the Pontifical University Catholic of Chile, He has developed a career in the public and private sectors. Before assuming served as Director of the school of Government of the Universidad San Sebastián and Director of the Department of public law of the same House of study, and as Professor of Catholic University Executive Development Center. Also was coordinator of advisers of the Ministry of economy between 2008 and 2010, and previously Deputy National Director of tourism and in charge of the Area of the development of the institution.     Read more …


CREATECH Cares: Two new talks give continuity to cooperation with Fondo Esperanza

Romina barrier next to microentrepreneurs of Fondo Esperanza, Office La Cisterna. Photography CREATECH.

CREATECH Cares is the program of corporate volunteering through which our company participates or carries out activities of contribution to the community. In this context during January this year two talks were conducted in La Cisterna, Santiago de Chile, specifically in the office of Fondo Esperanza, organization dedicated to support microentrepreneurs.

The day 10 January was the first talk"Digital Marketing: Digital tools to enhance a venture", by Paula Escudero. In this Marketing Digital basics surrendered, In addition to the various digital tools available that may be useful for entrepreneurs who are just starting. This time the talk focused on three tools: email and social networks Facebook and Instragram, and how to use them to enhance business, According to what each one of these tools enables and offers.     Read more …


Event organized by municipality of Talca for entrepreneurs is carried out with participation of CREATECH

Romina barrier, New business manager for CREATECH, event "Undertaking with value" in Talca, Maule region. Photo courtesy of city of Talca.

The day 5 last December was held in Talca, Maule region, the event "Undertaking with value", organized by the municipality of Talca and State Bank. The event was supported by Sercotec and SERNAM Business Center, and the participation of CREATECH. The activity was attended by around 300 women entrepreneurs in the Region, with businesses from various sectors such as agricultural, wine, beekeeping, tourism and services.

The event which featured welcoming remarks by the Mayor of Talca, divided into three lectures, the first was performed by Juan Fernando Abarca of State Bank, with regard to the program grows women. The second exhibition "E-commerce for entrepreneurs of the commune", It was created by Claudio Reyes, Director of Center of development of business of Sercotec. While the third presentation "Business innovation and financing" was conducted by Romina barrier, New business manager for CREATECH.     Read more …


Sebastián Piñera's new Government proposals for science and technology, Innovation and entrepreneurship in Chile

In December of 2017 were conducted presidential elections in Chile, being elected, for the second time, businessman Sebastián Piñera. This implies, as in any change in Government, especially if the political side is changed, have new goals and approaches for the development of public policies in different areas. Some of them are the area of science and technology, Entrepreneurship and innovation what are the guidelines that will govern the development of this field? The answer is not at all clear, But if you can have some lights according to presented in the Government programme. Some of the measures which appear in the document Government program 2018-2022 We mention them here.     Read more …