Success stories of researchers and entrepreneurs supported by CREATECH reflects diversity of industries and areas

CREATECH, with more than 10 years of existence, has supported in the transfer of the idea to the market to more than 500 projects from a variety of industries and areas of science and technology which can be classified in:

  • Biotechnology and health
  • The information and communication technologies (ICT)
  • Food, Agricultural, Forestry and aquaculture
  • Renewable energy, Climate, Water and environment
  • Manufacturing, Mining and infrastructure
  • Education and social sciences

Our more than 140 customers have relied on the experience of our company to respond to the key needs in innovation and entrepreneurship, related for example to transfer of technology, licensing and patents. That confidence is reflected in the 32 CREATECH cases published on our Blog, Thanks to the collaboration of our clients who have agreed to share their experiences and successes. It is pleasant to be able to present the following in our archive, Since the information provided by our customers is kept in strict confidentiality, with the exception of that which is specifically authorized to disseminate.

  • Fernando Ulloa, of the Austral University of Chile, was awarded the stage 2 of the III contest Regional of FONDEF VIU, for which was created by CREATECH 4 consultants, Technology Market Intelligence, Market Segment Analysis, Review and feedback Business plan and Coaching session for Elevator Pitch. Its draft proposed the carrying out routine checks for the detection of bovine mastitis using a conventional Multiplex PCR-based kit, more sensitive and faster than the widely used technique currently, allowing to identify the major pathogens that cause disease.
  • Biomedical Research Consortium-Chile (BMRC), Research Center associated with the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, was awarded in 2011 the line 2 "R & d project" of the programme "Applied r & d" at CORFO with a project aimed at the implementation of a diagnostic test for the detection of respiratory viruses with each patient immune response prediction. CREATECH supported them, in 2014, through the conduct of a study Market & IP Assessment and economic evaluation for the technological innovation of CORFO program application, Validation and technology packaging line, whose funds were awarded in 2015.
  • Viviana Videla, of Fundación Chinquihue, was awarded in 2014 Line 2 "Project of r & d applied" of the program "r & d applied" of CORFO to which CREATECH conducted a Market & IP Assessment. This project that began to develop it in 2012 and that has had several stages, trafficking of the development of alternative methods of seed production of molluscs, responding to one of the main challenges of this productive sector.
  • Alvaro Lladser, Foundation Science and life, and his team recently completed a research related to the development of an immunotherapy for the treatment of colorectal cancer and gallbladder Bacteriophage-based. For this project a type study was conducted by CREATECH Market & IP Assessment for his project that I awarded the line 2 "R & d project" of the programme "Applied r & d", CORFO.

In addition to their experiences and successes our customers have also commented on the work done by CREATECH to support entrepreneurship and innovation needs. Fernando Ulloa, Director of FONDEF VIU project, noted for example that

"Rather than get the work done with all the required information, what took place was to guide my work, which allowed me interiorizara in aspects of my project as the work Plan or cash flow, otherwise I would have not managed; What finally turned into an advantage at the time of submitting the draft."

Alvaro Lladser PhD, Research main of the laboratory of immunotherapy genetic of Foundation Science and life said "Market study & "IP Assessment" hired that "I was very happy, that was super efficient, "the team did a very good job"

Our customers have also commented on his experience in innovation. For example Loreto Ormeño, enterprising it partnered with the University of Concepción to bring your idea to market, goal met in 2016 and that he managed an exclusive contract for licensing and two awards in Canada and European Union PCT patent, pointed out that the key to entrepreneurs and universities achieve link is, is necessary that

"Is established from a principle the aim to achieve and the contributions that each has on the research. Whether on know-how, capital or infrastructure. Make the results of joint research and the fair distribution of these results. A notarial contract that ensure the rights of the parties".

On the other hand, Viviana Videla of Fundación Chinquihue emphasizes that success to an investigation is essential to generate alliances and agreements with industry, "is necessary to maintain the communication with who will make use of the technology". Relationship with the environment is essential, Since but such investigations are in a book or paper.

You can learn more about these and other cases in the sections Customers, Words from customers and CREATECH cases of our web site.


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