Diversity of expertise is highlighted in the new members of CREATECH, from Industrial design to Biomining and Cultural Management

Team of Area Studies of CREATECH: Samanta Elgueta, Jovanka Trebotich, Susana Labra and Paula Escudero.

This 2017, along with the change of year also added to new members to the team of professional of CREATECH, specifically to our Area of studies that provides this type of advice to our clients. Welcome to Samanta Elgueta, Susana Labra and Paula Escudero, who will be advising entrepreneurs, researchers and to companies in terms of evaluating markets, transfer and commercialization for innovation strategies, coming of results of r & d in terms of science and technology. Jovanka Trebotich, Studies Manager, says that "these professionals enrich the capabilities of this Area of CREATECH, they have experience and training in different disciplines and industries".

Samanta Elgueta, Executive Trainee of technologies and markets, He is Master in environmental engineering and energy of the University of Sheffield, and engineer in biotechnology of the University of Santiago of Chile. He also completed a diploma in Biomining. Before enter to CREATECH Samantha formed a company of projects biotechnology related to the environment, project that is currently suspended. He made also the course "Introduction to the patent" INAPI and "Valuation of Intangibles" workshop organized by Asembio.

Samantha lives in Santiago, is born and bred in the North Grande of Chile, and he likes to travel to new places. His free time is currently dedicated to training, Since is preparing to run his first marathon, During this 2017.

Susana Labra, Executive Trainee of technologies and markets, is designer Industrial of the University of Valparaíso. Also held a diploma in management strategic for projects of tourism and culture. Susana has a career as a designer, entrepreneur and inventor for more of 10 years. It has undertaken multiple companies, attracting seed Capital of CORFO among other subsidies to one of these, and a patent in the United States was granted. UU. and Chile for their design of a cage for the cultivation of abalone in the sea.

Susana is in the Region of Valparaiso and lives in Olmué, where she enjoys outdoor activities, as diving and biking. Activities that aims to share with your child for a year and seven months when it is greater.

Paula Escudero, Analyst of technologies and markets, holds a degree in arts and Humanities, Major in Cultural Management and Major in architecture of the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile. It has 3 years of experience in communications and production cultural. This is a new role for Paula, who formed part of the Area of Marketing of the company, as coordinator of communications and public relations for the past 3 years. In his previous position, She researched an impressive array of industries and topics related to r & d, innovation, industrial and intellectual property, transfer of technology, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, among others, to write articles and cases of CREATECH published in different media, and it has also contributed to consultants for the company's clients. He has a background in intellectual property through multiple courses of WIPO and INAPI.

Paula lives in Santiago, and currently divides his spare time between sport and participation in cultural projects which is part.

Please help us to welcome these new members of our team, during the course of their work for you in the coming months.