CES 2017: Anniversary no. 50 fair's most important technological innovation worldwide

How it is traditional, every year on this date we deliver the outstanding that leaves the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), annual event which takes place in Las Vegas, United States. This year the event, It is perhaps the most important worldwide related to everyday technology, held its 50 anniversary since its first version made in 1967 in New York City.

In a column of opinion for Forbes Mexico, Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, before you give home to this version, gave some data interesting. For example the first version brought to something like 17.500 attendees with 117 exhibitors, to overcome the 165 thousand attendees in 2016 and the 3.800 exhibiting companies of 150 countries. Points out in addition that in these 50 years have launched more than 70 MIL products.

Shapiro also emphasized, that although CES brings to large brands from 2012 receives to startups, in the Eureka Park Marketplace, platform that allows them to connect with strategic players in the market that would allow them to grow, as manufacturers and suppliers, investors, Media, among others. In these 6 years, approximately 1.100 startups have received over USD 1.000 million in funding.

This year the event was held between the 5 and 8 of January and as every year surprises with technology close to the science fiction and that seems a little far; but also with other objects and simple technological devices, say it somehow, already available or will be in the near future, improving the lives of people.

For example in the latest versions, It has been among the featured several technological advances for automobile. This year Nissan presented its model Murano 2017 which integrates to Cortana, the personal assistant of Microsoft. This system of artificial intelligence, allows you to check the traffic conditions, review and organize the personal agenda, play lists of Spotify, among other things. It is not yet available for sale.

For its part, the Korean company Samsung, that year to year surprises with technologies improved as regards screens are concerned, presented, among other things, the curved monitor CH711, that will be available in 27 and 31.5 inch. It has a curvature of 1800R (radius of curvature of 1800mm) delivering a vision of 178 degrees, with Quantum Dot technology, not only delivers high resolution and sharpness of the image, but also energy-saving, improving the viewing experience.

As for cameras, It appears that Polaroid is back in the market and "trendy" to put it in some way not only because the re-use of its classic models of instant cameras. But also their participation in this version of CES, launching a low-cost 3D printer, and in addition to presenting the reinvention of its traditional instant camera, Pop Polaroid, which has a touch screen LCD's 3,97 inch, CMOS sensors, a 20MP lens, free Wi-Fi and allows printing the photos in its classic format of 3×4 inch with Instagram type filters.

Seems to be, and it is this version reports coincide, that the outstanding share simplicity, clean design and functionality rather than more complex concepts in performance.


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