CREATECH presents new proposal V FONDEF VIU winners

2015-12-18In late November the National Commission of scientific and technological research of Chile, CONICYT, delivered through its FONDEF program outcomes of the Stage 1 the V contest of valorization of research at the University (VIU).

This version, that had a growth of the 50% in applications in relation to the previous version, awarded 74 projects, that it will receive a CLP 2 million to develop within a period of 3 months your Business Plan and work Plan. Of the things that draw the most attention is that 62 of the 74 winning projects, i.e. close of the 85%, are different to the metropolitan regions. The universities were awarded more projects are the University of Concepción with 13 projects, the University of Bio Bio with 9 projects and the University Austral of Chile with 7 projects.     Read more …


Tsunami prediction system developed by Chilean and advised by CREATECH is in the stage of trial run

2015-12-02It is known that Chile is a seismic country and usually the epicenters of these are located near or on the coast. So the risk of a tsunami occurring, especially those on the 7,5 Richter, is tall. Faced with this situation a team of engineers from the University of Santa Maria (USM) together with Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy (SHOA) is developing, from 2012, the Integrated Tsunami Warning and Forecasting System (SIPAT) which we give more details below.

The project "Design and implementation of a database of tsunami prediction for the Chilean coast using high-performance computer modeling", código D11I1119, Catalan and directed by Patricio Marcelo Bravo, de la USM, It could be developed thanks to the award of the XIX Competition FONDEF R & D in 2011, he gave them CLP 300 million, also counting on technical assistance from the German Aerospace Agency.     Read more …


Creative Industries, culture and growth drivers

2015-11-30In February this year unveiled CORFO seven strategic programs smart specialization, for the development of clusters in Chile. Including the sector is Creative economy o Creative Industries. It is possible that the term is rather unknown in the area of ​​traditional industries. That is why then try to clarify how the creative industries are treated.

As defined by UNESCO Creative Industries are "Sectors of organized activities that are aimed to production or reproduction, Promotion, dissemination and / or marketing of goods, services and activities of cultural content, artistic or patrimonial ". Within this sector may include: Design, Architecture, Visual Arts and Medial, Music, Film and TV, Advertising, Crafts, Technology, Video game, Publications, Theatre, Dance, Fashion Design and Heritage.     Read more …


30 Entrepreneurs exhibit their prototypes in fair organized by CORFO

Macarena Navas, of CREATECH, testing of the products of First Makers. Photo CREATECH.

Macarena Navas, of CREATECH, testing of the products of First Makers. Photo CREATECH.

The past 6 November was held in the Plaza de la Providencia Aviation, "Prototypes: Technological Innovation Fair ", organized by CORFO. The event brought together not only to authorities of the state entity, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts, but also people interested in the development of technologies.

Attendees had the opportunity to listen to four speakers, who spoke on prototyping and entrepreneurship from their experiences; and visit 30 stands of enterprises benefiting from any of the programs CORFO, which they were divided into four categories:

  • Mining, Power, building
  • TI, software, robotics
  • Eco, recycling, foods
  • Inclusion, society, education

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Advances in Artificial Intelligence: from fiction to reality

2015-11-12The term Artificial Intelligence (AI for its acronym in English) It was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky and Claude Shannon, However the first research and development models, in order to achieve a machine to think as a human being, they began to be made at least 15 years before. The Turing Test are two of the landmarks in this area of 1943, through which a computer could fool a person into believing that I was speaking with a human being and Deep Blue of IBM, machine in 1997 He managed to win several games followed the then World Chess Champion Gary Kazparov. What are the advances made since then? Then you have some of them.     Read more …


Representatives of the ecosystem of the invention and innovation meet at the 1st Congress of inventors of Chile

Jaime Vergara and Patrick Ibarra, of SCIDesign, along with his invention light Piano, at the fair of inventors. Photo: CREATECH

Jaime Vergara and Patrick Ibarra, of SCIDesign, along with his invention light Piano, at the fair of inventors. Photo: CREATECH

The days 21 and 22 October was developed in Santiago de Chile, in units of SOFOFA the 1st Congress of inventors, organized by Foundation Inventaccion. The appointment, It brought together a large number of attendees, It was attended by governmental authorities, private institutions and persons linked to the ecosystem of the invention and innovation, as entrepreneurs, service providers, inventors and entrepreneurs.

The Congress was divided into five panels of conversation, three workshops, a Bank of minds and a small fair, in which entrepreneurs showed their innovations. Addressed issues related to patentability, technologies, prototypes and market, but especially, to innovation is, What was done at the time of obtaining an innovation so that it is not a good idea and what do the different agencies to help make a useful product for the people of innovation.     Read more …


CREATECH studies: Market & IP Assessment answers what is my target market and advantages over the competition??

2015-10-28Through a wide range of innovations and market studies, CREATECH helps innovators and their potential partners or investors to assess business opportunities for innovations and develop strategies to take advantage of these opportunities, in local and international markets. During the next months we will publish a series of articles highlighting some of the studies more required.

On the road from lab to the market, researchers or entrepreneurs have questions to evaluate and increase the impact and relevance of its innovations, as the following:

  • What is the State of the art in relation to my innovation?
  • Is my invention patentable? Which strategy for the protection of industrial and intellectual property (PI) I need to follow?
  • What is the need or pain of the market and what are the potential benefits of my innovation to solve this?
  • How does compare my innovation with which today offers competition to solve the same need?
  • My innovation applications and which markets are most feasible and attractive, to focus on marketing?
  • What business model should I choose, to reach the target market with an attractive and competitive offer?
  • Who are my potential partners or customers for r & d, marketing or licensing?

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CREATECH delivers your favorite tips for making a good Business Plan

2015-10-27The Business Plan is a tool used to measure the scope of the business idea before implementing it. Delivering accurate information, It will facilitate correct decision-making for any evaluated scenario, Since reviewed the technical aspects, economic, financial, Human, among others, of the business idea. ES, also, the letter of introduction to potential investors. That's why the CREATECH team, that has made coaching and feedback to business plans prepared by others, It has generated a list of tips from this experience to facilitate the work in the preparation of such documents.     Read more …


2ª Feria of entrepreneurs ASECH is performed with great frame of public

Cristian López, ASECH Executive Director, together with Romina barrier, New business manager, CREATECH. Photography, CREATECH.

Cristian López, ASECH Executive Director, together with Romina barrier, New business manager, CREATECH. Photography, CREATECH.

The 6 October was held in the center of Extension of the Catholic University of Chile the 2ª Feria of entrepreneurs organized by the Association of entrepreneurs of Chile (ASECH). The appointment brought almost two thousand attendees from the ecosystem of entrepreneurship, those who are able to visit the fair and participate in scheduled talks.

The fair featured forty-eight stands, in which projects were presented, services for entrepreneurs, foundations related to undertakings as Inventaccion, Foundation for the invention, e IF (Ideas factory) with its Happiness Academy, and Government entities such as CORFO and training as SERCOTEC.     Read more …


Blue Economy: the economic model that promotes innovation

2015-09-30At the beginning of the year 90 He began to talk about the Green Economy and green economy, new economic model that sought to improve human well-being and social equality at the same time that is significantly reduced environmental risks and ecological scarcity. However for some time, This model is questioned by a former engine of this: the Belgian Economist Gunter Pauli, founder of the disappeared Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives (ZERI), holding that the Green Economy is an elitist model, that it needs large investments to work, What products are not always accessible to a small percentage of the company and its production is friendly to the environment. It is for this reason that he has proposed the Blue Economy or economy blue. What is this new model?, How it works? Then we'll talk about a little bit of that.     Read more …