Fernando Ulloa and his project of veterinary medicine are among the winners of the Regional competition III FONDEF VIU

2015-08-27At a time in which the V contest of valuation research at the University (VIU) FONDEF has open their applications, We talked with Fernando Ulloa, who was recently awarded the stage 2 the third Regional version of this contest with the project "Improvement of the diagnosis of Bovine Mastitis: implementation of molecular testing", supported by CREATECH and Universidad Austral. In the interview, Fernando tells us about your project, his candidacy to VIU and is what's next for your project.

According to Fernando Ulloa, who is doctor veterinarian master of science, Mention of Microbiology of the University Austral of Chile, Bovine Mastitis is an expensive disease for industry dairy, Since only in the Region of the rivers are left to generate USD 10 million by the decline in milk production. Along with this, detection of the disease is slow, Since the currently used diagnostic method of Bacteriological culture that takes 4 days to generate results and not is very sensitive. In addition routine checks are not performed, What finally causes late disease control.

These issues have been identified by the researcher, who from these developed a proposal to improve the detection of Bovine Mastitis using molecular biology. The project proposes carrying out routine checks using a kit based on conventional Multiplex PCR which would include removal of milk. This technique would be more sensitive and faster than the one used at present, allowing to identify the major pathogens that cause disease.

CREATECH supported Fernando in his candidacy to stage 2 performing 4 consultants, Technology Market Intelligence, Market Segment Analysis, Review and feedback Business plan and Coaching session for Elevator Pitch. The experience of working with CREATECH points out that the advice:

"Rather than get the work done with all the required information, what took place was to guide my work, which allowed me interiorizara in aspects of my project as the work Plan or cash flow, otherwise I would have not managed; What finally turned into an advantage at the time of presenting the project".

Likewise points out that the instance of Coaching for Elevator Pitch by CREATECH allowed him to get well prepared for the exhibition before the Commission of FONDEF, in relation to management of weather information that should be presented.

With the awarded contest, Fernando tells us that what comes now is to implement the stage 2 project. At the end of September begins with the administrative tasks necessary for to carry it out, shaping equipment and the purchase of inputs, Finally indicating the realization of entrepreneurship.

Finally to the advice for future applicants, Fernando is quite cautious and said that "recently I am starting as an entrepreneur, so no I can consider myself successful to give advice", However calls to those students to apply to these instances, It is a good chance that born of University research research and development projects be transformed into products or real services and finally to deliver satisfaction.

We wish every success to Fernando and his team on this path of entrepreneurship just beginning.

In July, we inform about the V contest FONDEF VIU that their nominations would close the 31 August.


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