Install new accelerators and investment funds Chile during 2015

2014-12-23It appears that the growing ecosystem of entrepreneurship existing in Chile is calling the attention of accelerators and funds investment both Latin America and the rest of the world, Since there are several groupings that will be installed in our country during the 2015 and others that are analyzing the possibility of settling in Chile.

The above example is Agora Partnerships, Accelerator American presence in Chile through some start-ups, It seeks to increase its impact in our country. So it installed an office in Santiago during the first quarter of next year, that added to the existing ones in Washington, Of Mexico City and Managua.     Read more …


National Biotechnology Forum was carried out with the presence of CREATECH

Diego CREATECH Domenech conversing with the Business Roundtable attendees of the 4th National Forum of biotechnology

Diego CREATECH Domenech conversing with the Business Roundtable attendees of the 4th National Forum of biotechnology

The day 29 October was held the 4th National Forum for biotechnology in the Campus Curauma of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV), which was organized by the institution and the Biotechnology core Curauma (NBC) and it had the support of CORFO, Naturalis, Fraunhofer-Chile, More sustainable Valparaiso and compete more.

The event is configured in two blocks, one corresponding to 5 conferences and another dedicated to a Business Roundtable. Welcoming remarks were made by Dr. Rolando Chamy, Director of NBC, who referred to the role of core biotechnology in its four years of existence and of the different projects that NBC is currently developing. Among the audience of the event researchers were, entrepreneurs, students and representatives from CORFO among others.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: From the South of Chile Henry Herrera, Entrepreneur experienced develops environmental solutions

2014-12-10In the South of Chile, specifically in the city of Ancud is Innovaideas, company that develops innovative projects through a line of environmental biotechnology, with the revaluation of aquaculture waste projects, Fisheries and livestock, remediation of marine sediments, Veterinary solutions for diseases in fish and a line of non-conventional renewable energy projects (NCRE) and climate change. Henry Herrera, its founder, discussed your project with CREATECH Proteolytic Chile, advised by our company and shared her experience as entrepreneurial and innovative.

Proteolytic Chile, winning project in 2012 the subsidy Packaging technology for new business from CORFO, It is an additive which seeks to valorise waste fisheries and aquaculture, most of the salmon industry. This additive allows to transform waste into by-products for various uses. This product is a paste similar to a yogurt containing protein, crushed biomass, and the additive that allows you to keep, improve and adapt the revalued residue to different markets. However in Chile use is limited to fish meal, having the potential to be used for example as a hydrolysate in the pet industry.     Read more …


The innovation and development of new technologies at the service of the copper mining

2014-11-27The mining industry is an industry in which innovation and use of new technologies are necessary to meet the requirements that this presents in all areas of the production process. We will then deliver information about some of the new technologies that are being used around the world in the copper mining in different stages and areas of the copper mining.     Read more …


CREATECH supports winners of FONDEF VIU with attractive offer

2014-11-20Below and as mentioned in the previous article "FONDEF delivers results of IV contest of valorisation of the research University", We deliver in the following lines of information about the services offered by CREATECH for winners of the stage 1 the IV contest of valorization of research at the University (VIU) FONDEF of Chile's.

CREATECH has extensive experience advising projects for innovation and development (R & d) and technology transfer, doing more than 450 consultants and has supported the request for more of 50 national and international patent applications. It should be noted that the Government of Chile, through CORFO InnovaChile, He chose to CREATECH as first member of the "Registration of entities to carry out valuation of market and enhancement of intellectual property (Market &IP Assesment).     Read more …


FONDEF delivers results of IV contest of valorisation of the research University

2014-11-14At the end of October the National Commission of scientific and technological research of Chile, CONICYT, through its program FONDEF, presented the results of the Stage 1 IV contest of valorisation of the research University, VIU.

On this occasion FONDEF distributed around CLP 130 million between the 65 awarded projects. Each of these projects will receive a maximum of CLP 2 million to develop within a maximum of 2 months your Business Plan and work Plan. Quantity that increases to CLP 24 million for projects that are awarded the second phase of this program, which have a maximum lead time of 12 months.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: INIA, developing technologies to support annual crops

Left: In Vitro test for seed. Right: Molecular test for plants. Images courtesy of INIA

Left: In Vitro test for seed. Right: Molecular test for plants. Images courtesy of INIA

The National Institute of agricultural research of Chile, INIA, is characterized by, among other things, develop technological tools to facilitate work in the agricultural area. These investigations include the project "Design and implementation of a business plan for the packaging of protocols for detection of herbicide-resistant weed biotypes", winner of a grant of line 4 r & d applied CORFO program. Ph.d.. Jorge Díaz is one of the researchers of INIA in Araucanía region, This project manager, He spoke with CREATECH to tell us about the project and his experience of working in innovation.     Read more …


INAPI assumed duties as new authority ISA/IPEA for PCT

2014-10-30-1Since the 22 October, the National Institute of Industrial property in Chile, INAPI, will begin to operate as International Searching Authority (ISA) and as International Preliminary Examination (IPEA) of the Patent Coperation Treaty (PCT). This new feature of INAPI will enable it to produce international reports on the State of the art for the granting of patent right. But, What is the PCT, What are the functions of an authority ISA/IPEA, What does this new feature of INAPI and benefit has to Chilean applicants. Below we provide more information.     Read more …


Drones: military technology to civilian and commercial needs service

2014-10-21-1Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) It is the name of the unmanned aircraft, best known as drones. Piloted so remote or well following a preset program, its use was limited, up to for some time to military missions of reconnaissance or attack specific targets. However, in recent years this military technology is being used in other areas as diverse as agriculture or taking pictures.

One of the more publicized uses being tested for some time, It is the transportation and delivery of small packages, Amazon and Google to be the pioneers in conducting tests and prototypes for this function. However DHL, belonging to the German Deutsche Post, came forward, becoming the first company to transport products by drones. The service will make it from the city of Norden in the Juist island, in Germany. DHL will transport medicine and other emergency goods. The load to be transported will be of 1,2 kg, flying at a speed of 65 km/h to 50 m tall.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: CREAS, innovating in the area of healthy foods

2014-10-14-01In the Valparaíso Region of Chile, is CREAS, Regional Centre for studies into food and health, whose objective is "to position Chile as a food power through the development of healthy and functional foods. Incorporating an added value in the production chain through the generation of functional ingredients and formulation of healthy foods". In 2013, THINK was awarded the grant line 1 the applied r & d program of CORFO with your project "Raisins flavored with probiotics coating". Araceli Olivares, Ph.d.. in engineering sciences and researcher of the process unit of CREAS, and one of the developers of the project, He talked to us about her experience in the world of innovation, of the project and his experience of working with CREATECH.     Read more …