Catherine Jelinek renews his credential as a Certified Licensing Professional

05-06-2014In the year 2008, under the initiative of Licensing Executives Society (LES) United States and Canada, the program was launched Certified Licensing ProfessionalTM (CLP), as a way to recognize professionals who have demonstrated their experience and competence in intellectual property licensing and who are committed to the professional development and achievement of the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their duties at the highest level of quality. There are currently more than 850 professional credential CLP ™ worldwide. Catherine W. Jelinek, General Manager of CREATECH, who is part of these professionals from 2008, earned this month Re-certification of their credentials as CLP for the next three years.

The program and CLP ™ exam are administered by CLP, Inc., independent organization whose policy is constituted by representatives of the industry and various organizations such as LES, AUTM and BIO. It is based on internationally standards of practice, knowledge and ethics, to differentiate licensing professionals who have taken the necessary steps to obtain certification.

To become a person certified CLP ™, Catherine Jelinek had complied with the requirements in three areas :

  1. Education: Bachelor's or higher degree from an accredited University.
  2. Experience: At least five years of professional experience including the development, use, transfer, marketing and/or the management of IP in the past eight years.
  3. Demonstrate competence in licensing and marketing of intellectual property.

To maintain this certification, the General Manager of CREATECH, It must demonstrate its continuing competition in the field of licensing. Through the obtaining of 40 hours of continuing education (CE), as a minimum, for three years, period lasting certification.

The importance of having an advisor to technology transfer expertise recognized worldwide in licensing and commercialization of intellectual property, It is not only a demonstration of the serious work and high level that takes place in this sense, but it also generates confidence in those who are engaged in this type of services.


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