INAPI presents news and developments in the world intellectual property day

2014-05-27The past 26 the world intellectual property day was held from April, established year 2000 by the Member States of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the United Nations agency dedicated to "promoting intellectual property as a motor of innovation and creativity in order to achieve positive change". In Chile, the National Institute of Industrial property (INAPI) held an activity carried out with the 25 April. She highlighted some new features and programs that have been successful.

Among the new features are:

  • New indications to intellectual property law project, presented in July of 2013 and that is currently in the Congress. These indications have relationship, for the most part, with the decrease of trademarks processing time, patents and designs. What is being sought is that between now and 2017, the process is reduced from 5 to 3,5 years, lining up to the time of processing of the European Union and United States.
  • The design of a National Industrial property strategy for the period 2015-2025 appropriate to the country. In order to strengthen and complement the national innovation strategy, Since it will look for those who invest in creativity in general and in r & d in the country to obtain the profits generated by these. Also to facilitate the transfer of technology, dissemination and use of knowledge and the protection of the consumer. This strategy would also enhance international trade relations, Since it would deliver a solid foundation on which silver interests in this matter.
  • Rebranding in 1 Click. This online process reduces of 5 to 1 step brand renewal processing, and 4 months, approximate average taking into 2013 the procedure, to 5 minutes. Proposals for renewal are available directly from the portal of INAPI, finding available records proposals to overcome within the next 4 months and the vanquished up to 30 days. Likewise allows online payment — saving the payment of surcharge. Being an online process it has no curfew, for it is possible to do so from the House.

Among the outstanding programs is Seal of origin. This program launched in July of 2012, It was created in joint INAPI and the Ministry of economy, Development and tourism, in order to promote the protection of Chilean products through registration of geographical indications (IG), Appellations of origin (DO), Collective marks and certification. Currently Chile has with 8 registered products associated with a specific place in the country and 18 in registration process. For the most part these products are the result of traditions and unique in its class, What this program allows not only their protection, but also the preservation of particular forms of traditional production and manufacturing. At the same time that encourages entrepreneurship and productive development of the country's small communities.

To the above joins the rectification in Office INAPI Director, Maximiliano Santa Cruz, that would give continuity to the work that has been making the entity. On the other hand INAPI will become operational this year as ISA/IPEA Office of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT for its acronym in English). The hope is to encourage the use of the system PCT in Latin America and at the same time contributing to turning the country into a pole of innovation and entrepreneurship.


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