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Through the experience of an urban Advergame, customers can send a message or promote your brand in a fun and dynamic citizens making use of the public space", designates Arenas. Image courtesy Ludotopia.

Through the experience of an urban Advergame, customers can send a message or promote your brand in a fun and dynamic citizens making use of the public space", designates Arenas. Image courtesy Ludotopia.

This month of April the presentations before the Evaluation Committee to apply to stage II of the FONDEF contest of valorisation of the research University (VIU) they finished. Felipe Arenas and Claudio Fredes, both architects of the University Federico Santa Maria (USM) and part of the creative laboratory equipment Ludotopia, they talked with CREATECH to tell us how it was the experience not only of running and winning the stage 1 contest, but also become entrepreneurs.

The project advised by CREATECH "Urban games Kit for the revival and transformation of public spaces", It is brewing in the thesis presented by Felipe Arenas for the USM which "inquiring into the concept of 'urban game' and its application in the public space from the construction of a design methodology framed at the junction between the fields of architecture and interfaces of interaction design", as indicated in the same. The idea of running this project in the FONDEF VIU competition, born of a conversation with their teacher's thesis Marcela Soto, Once both coincided in that "the game is an important element for creativity and creativity is the key to innovation". So they approached the International Institute for innovation business 3Ie, who advised them on nomination for stage 1. Once armed the entrepreneurship team, He joined Claudio Fredes and Lizbeth Arenas, conforms the VIU project consisting of a service interactive games that use LED displays or projections on facades of buildings as support. Felipe Arenas y Claudio Fredes coinciden en que esta experiencia “ha sido un desafío intenso”. Arenas added:

"Somehow we've been playing to be entrepreneurs at the same time that the game is becoming real (and that's because we take the game seriously). We know that entrepreneurship is in general a difficult road, but for the moment, […], the experience has been pleasant. […] "On the other hand it has been satisfying to realize that the knowledge learned in our House of studies across the curriculum were the basis to formalize our concerns and dreams and giving them the form of entrepreneurship projects."

However, one of their biggest difficulties has been to clearly explain the project people from different contexts and disciplines, whom, According to the architects, "they were both enthusiasm and doubts" in the moment that spoke them project. Over time they have surpassed this barrier, do not count that they departed "from a concept, and this has been focusing and particularising the process until you reach a point where we can explain without problems". Fortunately we had some knowledge of the market where you want to insert ourselves and what are the variables that involves removing a service as this a float."

For architects opportunities participate in competitions such as the VIU are valuable, ya que “permiten acelerar el proceso de trasladar las ideas que se acuñan en la academia hacia el mercado, with specific objectives". They stressed that in the FONDEF "made them feel like entrepreneurs from day 1", but they have had some difficulty how to "put together an adequate budget without having a prototype tested and evaluated". They add that:

"We know the technology that we need, We have worked with her in previous instances, but the current challenge involves a few uncertain steps that we have to deal with wisdom. However we took this difficulty as part of challenge, We try to always have fun while we work, Since the idea is that finally people pass it well with our products."

In addition to the support obtained from 3Ie and FONDEF, highlights the contribution of CREATECH pointing out that:

"He has been very professional with their dedication and commitment to the project". El estudio de mercado que hicieron nos confirmó varias cosas importantes que visualizábamos pero no las teníamos fundamentadas por un análisis detallado. Estamos muy satisfechos con la empatía que tuvieron con el proyecto, they managed to get quickly into the subject and give us almost as if they were part of the creative team."

Ending this experience architects encourages those just beginning to undertake or do not dare to do so:

"Fundamentally we believe that we must dare. […] The ideas are talking with friends in the corridors – or even in other instances- they can be great ideas. It is important to value the ideas you have and build a path by which reality can be. […], you have to be restless!”

Entrepreneurs of Ludotopia, and other candidates to the stage 2 FONDEF VIU contest, quedan a la espera de los resultados de este. Les deseamos todo el éxito en este camino del emprendimiento que recién comienzan.


Sources consulted:

  • Felipe Arenas and Claudio Fredes, in interview with CREATECH, 3 April of 2014.

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