CREATECH cases: Francisco Rodriguez, researcher to entrepreneur in the food area with the support of FONDEF-VIU

Francisco Rodríguez shows the species of MOSS Sphagnum magellanicum. Courtesy Francisco Rodriguez

Francisco Rodríguez shows the species of MOSS Sphagnum magellanicum.
Courtesy Francisco Rodriguez

Last July were the results, corresponding to the phase II, the second contest FONDEF of valorisation of the research at the University (VIU), in which 25 projects were beneficiaries with funds. On that occasion the 100% the projects supported by CREATECH winners were. One of them was belonging to Francisco Rodríguez project, Civil Engineer in biochemistry of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV), who agreed to talk with us to tell us about your experience.

"Generation of value from Moss Sphagnum magellanicum, a new alternative to the current nutrition", is the project of Francis, which seeks to promote this kind of MOSS as an alternative in the food area. As all the FONDEF VIU, the project of the researcher, It originated in a research thesis, This time as a project title and whose theme was chosen in the words of the engineer because "I've always had interest in the food area". That is why we ask you when given account that his research could be in an innovative venture, Rodriguez tells us that when he received the economic evaluation of your project's title, He realized the potential of this research had to be transformed into a venture. So, When presented with the possibility of presenting their research to the FONDEF VIU you will not hesitate to do so.

Although the process of materializing the idea is "entertaining" says Rodriguez, This period has, as all process, with difficulties, which do not arise in the same way for all entrepreneurs. To engineer the complex move from research to consider the possibility of creating a venture is to carry out necessary to materialize the idea. Specifically for Francisco the major difficulties they faced were "get organized and put together a budget". Stresses that if well he "was familiar with the subject, make them for yourself implies one major difficulty." This is why he believes that support from the universities getting the researchers in the development process helps to facilitate the work of them.

Francisco, those who work at this time in the core biotechnology Curauma's the PUCV, It is developing the second phase of the FONDEF-VIU, He had the assistance of CREATECH for both stages. This experience highlights the professionalism of engineers projects that advised him, Emphasizing the speed and order with which they work, Stressing that "detected the strengths and weaknesses of my project, being very honest in this respect", all this in the words of Francisco made "very nice the process", doing an excellent job."

At a time when the third version of FONDEF-VIU is ready to finish, Francisco encourages those who have not decided to participate in this instance, because is not convinced of the potential of their research can have or are fearful of turning your idea into a project of innovative entrepreneurship, because of the difficulties that can be found on the road; Noting that it is a good chance that the research becomes a reality, also indicates that it is worth asking "do I want to be always under the orders of another or I want to be my own boss?"?.”


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