3D printing: from human tissue up to aircraft parts are manufactured thanks to this technology

2013-12-27The 3D printing or printing by adding (additive printing or additive manufacturing), It is a manufacturing method of three-dimensional objects by adding layers of material. It is thanks to the transfer of data from a file of three-dimensional design printer, that the object it constructed using different techniques. This presents an advantage in production, Since you do not need previous mold making, increased the cost of objects. The materials used in this process are thermoplastic polymers, metals, ceramic powders, powder glass and recently chocolate and ice.     Read more …


Approved budget and projects to be implemented the 2014 in Chile will give continuity to this Government initiatives in r & d and innovation

GOB_RGBIn the few months before the end of this presidential term began balances and review of what this Government inherited the next administration.

In technology, Science and innovation aims to give continuity to what was being done by these four years. This is reflected, in the first instance, in the budget in this area for the 2014, that hovers over the CLP 531mil million. Furthermore the emphasis of the national innovation system will be put on enhancing r & d law, which benefits with 35% tax credit to companies that invest in research and development (R & d), with a minimum amount of 100 UTM and a maximum of 15 thousand annual UTM. The objective for 2014 It is to reach an annual expenditure on r & d of a 0,8% of GDP, which today reaches only to the 0,4%.     Read more …


Michelle Bachelet and Evelyn Matthei: Candidates delivered their proposals for innovation and entrepreneurship

The next Sunday's elections 15 de diciembre, not only will define who will be the next President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet or Evelyn Matthei, but also the way how will address the topics country over the next four years. Both candidates have unveiled their government programs, and the entrepreneurship and innovation are no outside governmental proposals delivered.     Read more …


WIPO and INAPI invite Catherine Jelinek to give a view of technology transfer in Chile in the Workshop Intellectual Property Management in Universities and Successful Technology Licensing (STL)


From left to right, Etienne Choupay, Javier Ramírez, Matias Vial and Catherine Jelinek. Courtesy of LETTERGT

Workshop Intellectual Property Management in Universities and Successful Technology Licensing (STL) organized by WIPO and INAPI, Catherine Jelinek (General Manager of CREATECH) He directed the day Monday 21 the Roundtable entitled Emerging Technology Transfer Issues in University - Industry relations in Chile. At the round table, Catherine was accompanied by Javier Ramírez (Director of innovation of the Vice Presidency for innovation and development of the University of Chile), Etienne Choupay (Director innovation and entrepreneurship of the Vice Presidency of inv. and advanced studies, PUCV) and Matias Vial (Director of development and innovation, management of innovation and development of the Universidad de los Andes).     Read more …


In success ends workshop entitled Intellectual Property Management in Universities and Successful Technology Licensing (STL) WIPO and INAPI

Maximiliano Santa Cruz welcoming company with Olga Spasic. Courtesy of the National Institute of Industrial property, INAPI

Maximiliano Santa Cruz welcoming company with Olga Spasic. Courtesy of the National Institute of Industrial property, INAPI

WIPO (WIPO in Spanish) the workshop was developed in conjunction with INAPI Successful Technology Licensing (STL) the days 21 to 24 October in the premises of INAPI, Workshop which aims to a better future in the transfer of technologies.

The workshop led by Olga Spasic (Head Innovation Structure Section, WIPO), It was also attended by Kevin Nachtrab (Past-President of the Licensing Executives Society International - LESI- and Senior Patent Attorney at Johnson & Johnson), Ernesto Cavelier (Attorney, Herrera & Ruiz, Colombia), Sebastian Farias (Branch of knowledge transfer, INAPI) and Catherine Jelinek (General Manager at CREATECH).     Read more …


Georgia State University students meet with Catherine Jelinek to know the surroundings of businesses in Chile

20131113In the framework of the programme "Management in Different World Regions": "The Case of South America", the team of Georgia State University headed by the professors Pedro Carrillo and Dr. David Bruce, together with the students of this program, they visited the countries of Chile and Argentina in August of 2013 to learn more about the dynamics that affect the management of business.

The program, organized by the Institute of International Business within the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, seeks to teach their students how to develop business in or with emerging economies as the Chilean, based on historical factors and the global pressures in order to meet the challenges of international business. In the second stage of this program, the students visited the countries of Chile and Argentina to be able to meet with companies of great importance in their sectors, where academics who run the program thought Catherine Jelinek, Founder and General Manager of CREATECH, who is a graduate of Georgia State University and is an example of entrepreneurship in Chile.

Catherine talk, carried out the day 8 in August at the Hotel Ibis Providencia in Santiago, It consisted of delivering the experience of generating a company in Chile with all their challenges, at the same time give a view of the Chilean situation in relation to innovation, entrepreneurship and internationalization.

Also in Chile, the Group met with American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), Start-up Chile, CMPC, University Diego Portales (UDP) and moral and kisses. For Argentina, they met with Mastellone, Salvador University, AmCham, Simmons, ARCOR, INTI, Argentinian tubes and the courts.


Sources consulted: Management in Different World Regions: The Case of South America

For more information, visit: Catherine Jelinek presents "Innovation in Chile" to students from Georgia State University


39 projects are awarded with funds from the third FONDEF-VIU de CONICYT contest

20131029The valorization of research in the University competition (VIU) of FONDEF of CONICYT, oriented pre and graduate students who want to transform their thesis in innovative ventures, in its third version, it will deliver more than CLP 77 million to 39 projects submitted by 8 Chilean universities. Within universities is highlighted the participation of the Universidad de Concepción with 12 awarded projects, the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María with 10 the University of Antofagasta and awarded projects with 5 awarded projects.     Read more …


Outstanding talk by CREATECH on biotechnology and entrepreneurship at the University of Chile

2012-10-01On Monday 23 September, Natalia Cáceres, CREATECH engineer issued a talk on biotechnology and entrepreneurship at the University of Chile for students last year in the career of Biochemistry that taught the Faculty of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences of that House of studies.     Read more …


Venture capital: breaking down myths about the venture capital, According to the Harvard Business Review

20131010It may be common relate the term "venture capital" to successful cases such as Steve Jobs and Apple and Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook, and may also be common to relate this type of financing as one that provides immediate success and great rates of return for the investment made. However the feeling that possess entrepreneurs with companies that provide this financing is to realize is one of these agreements, the one that takes the leadership of the situation is the company that provides the capital.     Read more …


How crowd funding, or Crowdfunding, You can help take your business idea to the next level

20131007For the last time, have emerged new and innovative ways of financing projects of different magnitudes, as an alternative to the already known funds such as venture capital and the angels investor. This is how recently it has taken strength system Crowdfunding, which in English literally means financing mass or collective.

This new form of financing was born at the end of the 90 (1997) in order to finance a British musical group so this could make a tour of the United States. Fans of the band made its contributions through the Internet making the band to achieve your objective. Today the method is applied to many other projects of the most various kinds, but as at the time, still using the Internet to bring together a community of investors, large or small, to realize a project of common interest.     Read more …