CREATECH cases: In view of a more user-friendly mining environment thanks to GESPROMET

2013-08-30For Chile, activity generated around the mining has in recent years provided an important niche for the development of the most diverse products and services. Some of them represent enterprises which possess a high innovative component. But, the way they have had to take some of the entrepreneurs who have encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities generated by this market segment??

In an interview with CREATECH, Mario Cortes, General Manager of GESPROMET (Sustainable management of metallurgical processes) SpA., It tells us what were the various stages and challenges that have been faced during the process of lifting and formalization of their initiative, which seeks to offer through a service based on an innovative technology, the recovery of fractions of gold for subsequent marketing at the same time that withdraws from environmental contaminant metals such as mercury, from the tailings generated in the process of ore grinding.

According to our interviewee"This undertaking aimed at traditional gold mining, It allows transforming an environmental liability into an asset of business and introduce a service that allows you to make more efficient recovery of gold in comparison with traditional processes used since decades both in our country and in many other gold-producing countries".

Now when old or abandoned tailings which still possess interesting be recovered gold grades are, the procedure involves re - incorporating them into the traditional processes of amalgamation with mercury, floating or cyanidation, What does not match the problem GESPROMET service tends to solve, Since the waste generated from this process have the same or higher levels of pollution to soil.

The service has the particularity of being clean and friendly to the environment, significantly reducing the levels of pollution, mainly mercury, allowing to generate clean and appropriate sites for other purposes other than the accumulation of industrial waste.

The principles of the initiative

As other enterprises based on technological innovation, funding for the first activities emerged from public funds which had to be run together with other initiatives. As relates don Mario Cortes: “the initiative was presented in competition in regional CORFO La Serena where participated 150 projects, being selected 27 projects that were awarded seed Capital financing 1. In July of this year were the milestones of seed Capital 1 and financing items were approved to make way for the operation of the company, which with this financing was created with the name of GESPROMET SpA whose turn is aimed at the sustainable management of metallurgical processes and the mining business in general".

During this process, the company recognizes various actors who had vital roles to make the initiative took shape, as is CODESSER and Regional CORFO those who financially supported the idea, business incubator ASOINCUBA of the University of La Serena, who became charge to realize and ensure the success of the milestones of seed Capital 1 and 2, and finally CREATECH who undertook the study of market and Business Plan of the project presented as important milestones of the seed Capital 1.

The results of their work with CREATECH

For don Mario Cortes, the work done by CREATECH was fundamental and very professional, leaving it highly satisfied: “I have no doubt that the projection that the business currently has is due in large part to the serious work done by the members of CREATECH. During the many rounds of work, were emerging numerous ideas for expansion in the provision of the service and interesting markets for the marketing of the gold recovered by the service offered by our company, as well as different alternatives for the final disposal of mercury recovered from tailings”.

The future for GESPROMET

The company arises to obtain the regional mining market consolidation (composed of countries such as Peru, Bolivia and Colombia, and of course the Chilean market. To achieve this currently the company is in stage of development of the seed Capital 2, hoping to finish this stage successfully fulfilling the committed milestones.

There are still many challenges to the Chilean company on the road by consolidation within the mining market with the concept of sustainability and respect for the environment. However, Don Mario Cortes are encouraged to give you valuable advice for all those entrepreneurs who have the need and the desire to realize their ideas: “It is important to dare to think different to as things have been doing forever. Seek the supports necessary to realize their ideas with institutions specialized in driving new projects to transform them into new business, as CREATECH with their specialized consultants and specialized props that CORFO executives and professionals from business incubators provide. Approaching the nearest offices of CORFO with ideas and consider them openly. In our country the conditions are given to start new businesses, and there are the economic and technical aid necessary to carry them out successfully”.

By our entire team in CREATECH, We wish you every success to don Mario Cortes and everyone at GESPROMET on this path that is just beginning.


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