CREATECH cases: PlaceTribe and the evolution of Facebook

2013-01-11The future of social networks like Facebook, and many other similar ventures that are being born, It seems due to the ability to connect people in constant movement, with events and places of interest.

Tomás Arredondo is the CEO of PlaceTribe, company incubated in 3IE Santa Maria University business incubator and through Facebook, used geo-referenced information (linking users to the place where), in order that users share with their interest groups all kinds of activities, offers or places. The project led is guided by a conviction: that the evolution towards the GEO on Facebook "will be the key for a mobile web intelligent and interactive with its environment".

The following is an interview with Arredondo CREATECH performed this week.

What steps were necessary to get PlaceTribe where is today?, and what was the most difficult to?

Everything has been hard, PlaceTribe has required a tremendous effort of all its members, in terms of analysis, planning, development, sales, marketing and team work. The hardest thing has been the long hours of work and try to predict where is going to be the market when we go out in the air with the complete system. The steps have been basically: application for incubation of a the 3iE, incubation in a the 3iE, business model generation, application to CORFO seed capital, execution line 1 CORFO (today).

How could you describe the services of PlaceTribe?

It allows people to organize their Facebook friendships into tribes and lets you share with these tribes, selectively, information about places and events (Tips). It also enables companies to share information about offers and events to your audience in a selective way.

Have they generated any association with international companies?

We have contacts in San Francisco with the idea of seeking additional capital to keep the company in operation last line 2. This was achieved partly thanks to my participation in the Intel challenge e-bootcamp, which was developed at Stanford University, and that it was financed by a the 3IE.

Which institutions contributed to the development of PlaceTribe, and role played in different stages?

Was instrumental in the support of a the 3IE on the success so far. I especially highlight the assessment Go/No Go CREATECH to which the 3IE allowed us access as a key in the positive assessment that made our project CORFO.

What evolution believes that they will have platforms like Facebook in the future, regarding the implementation of the GeoReference?

It will be the key for a mobile web intelligent and interactive with its environment.

At what stage is the project?

Growing of users and looking for capital Angels. Currently the web is running on www.placetribe.com, We hope to have mobile apps for iPhone and Android in the first quarter of the 2013.

What is more important you obtained from your relationship with CREATECH?

CREATECH made a detailed study of the feasibility of our project, This gave rise to which we could present it to CORFO with the confidence of having a serious and professional external validator.

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For more information, visit: http://www.placetribe.com/