A balance sheet for the year of entrepreneurship

The dawn of a new year always requires a look at the positive and the negative of the one who ends. In this sense, the 2012 You can point out a particularly successful year for entrepreneurs in Chile, taking into account that the ups and downs of the world economy have not affected its development in the country. It seems that he did honor to his title of "Year of the enterprise", in a 2012 where the CREATECH has accompanied numerous innovative projects, through its varied offer of support for entrepreneurship. This support was reflected in various areas, as education, with Click Educa, veterinary medicine, through Vaccimed S.A. and Vitastemcel, and air technology, with SISAR Ltda., among others.     Read more …


Coworking spaces and incubators present opportunities for entrepreneurs in search of internationalizing their businesses

In the way of entrepreneurship generally many opportunities present themselves to grow and enhance projects. Between coworking spaces (shared environments for entrepreneurs and professionals), business incubators, and the accelerators, the choice is often difficult.

The newspaper Washington Post, with the wide range of these spaces, He asked how should determine the entrepreneurs if one of them is right for your business. Three responses listed the advantages and disadvantages that these spaces can offer in relation to the objectives of the project.     Read more …


AUTM Brings Technology Transfer Expertise to Chile

Dec. 17, 2012
Media contact:Jodi Talley
Association of University Technology Managers
jtalley@autm.net or +1-847-559-0846

AUTM Brings Technology Transfer Expertise toChile

Deerfield,Il— The Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), a nonprofit association of academic technology transfer professionals, is engaged at the national level withChilein their focused efforts to establish and strengthen technology transfer offices, facilitate industry-university partnerships, and increase the country’ s capacity for innovation.     Read more …


Common Pitch Chile: Al Gore is presented as speaker in multiple activities in pursuit of innovation and entrepreneurship

A series of workshops focused on innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship, concerts, and lectures in charge of Al Gore and Charly Alberti, among other personalities, was held, of the 29 November to the 1 de diciembre, the Common Pitch Chile, United States most important innovation contest and who was held for the first time in Latin America.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: education benefits from ICT thanks to the recognized company click Educa

What steps should take a researcher of the computer area to reach the market with a proposal that is successful?

The birth of click Educa

In an interview with CREATECH, Ricardo Mansilla, general manager of the company's educational technology Click Educa, He does not hesitate to raise the starting point of the project was the recognition of a need as determined in the educational field. "Currently there is a great emphasis on the incorporation of ICT in education, with advances in connectivity, availability of computers and digital resources, However, It has been confirmed that access to these technologies does not eliminate itself only gaps in terms of learning", establishes Mansilla.     Read more …


The revolution of mobile technology and opportunities for entrepreneurs

It is hard to think of a tool that has shaped, in so little time, so many aspects of our lives as you have (and they continue to do so) our cell phones. They are considering consequences and hardly imagined since its appearance opportunities, and are these same opportunities which also come to expand the development of entrepreneurship, access to capital and the creation of new customers for individuals and communities-relegated.

Mobile technology and entrepreneurship: the voice of users

How important sample of the views of users-entrepreneurs to the benefits of their mobile devices when it comes to doing business, the survey"TIME Mobility Poll", drawn up by the magazine along with Qualcomm, and that plumbed to 4.250 adults in eight countries, realizes that the 93 per cent of the total it believes that mobile technology is "very" or "somewhat" important for entrepreneurship.     Read more …


The union between science and business, through the transfer of technology, It was the objective of an important event of CORFO

Under the slogan of bridge-building between innovation, research and technology to lead to the country's progress, held the 8 and 9 December the second meeting "Chile: Science, Technology and enterprise"organized by CORFO and SOFOFA.

Contemplated within the framework of the various activities planned on the occasion of the week of the entrepreneurship and innovation, the meeting was inaugurated the 8 in November by the Executive Vice President of CORFO, Hernán Cheyre, and the Executive Secretary of SOFOFA, Christopher Philippi, before an attendance of 300 people.     Read more …


El desarrollo del emprendimiento estudiantil en cifras

Entrepreneurial students at universities are generating more interest by the same institutions and economic development agents lately, being a group traditionally classified by their training activities, just as I feel a growth engine. Recently published in U.S. and international studies provide a unique vision of this group is little characterized previously; new perspectives that help to understand the motivations of new State funding programs - as iCorps's Kauffman Foundation and FONDEF VIU in Chile- oriented to promote this type of entrepreneur, especially those from highly innovative areas, such as those of science and technology.     Read more …


Begins the week of entrepreneurship and Global innovation with multiple activities in Chile and the world

In November, Chile will be part of Global Entrepreneurship Week (o GEW, According to its acronym in English), international initiative arising in the country as the week of entrepreneurship and Global innovation (SEIG), and it will display a large number of events throughout the country.

Different entities related to the entrepreneurship and innovation, as universities, incubators and agencies, they have already joined this edition of SEIG. So far, 40 organizations will offer 46 activities, which opens the 5 November and extends up to the 30 in the same month, to give rise to the year of innovation during the 2013.     Read more …


CREATECH contest winner receives an Amazon's Kindle as a reward

Mónica Aróstica Páez receives his award from the Executive of the new business of CREATECH, Maria Jimena Bonilla.

Monica Uscanga Paez, Valparaiso student, He received an Amazon's Kindle as a prize in a contest organized by CREATECH. The delivery was on Tuesday 23 October, at the offices of our company.

The award corresponds to a draw carried out among those who came to the stand of the company in the context of the second national forum on biotechnology and innovation in Valparaiso, the Friday 7 September.     Read more …