CREATECH cases: Juan Carlos Solari, General Manager Ubimovil, It highlights the importance of studies such as the CREATECH to carry out an undertaking

In a brief interview with Juan Carlos Solari, one of the entrepreneurs who formed the company Ubimovil, This highlighted the importance that had to receive the assistance of CREATECH company during the process who lived to carry out his idea of entrepreneurship. The Ubimovil project, already underway for the city of Santiago, It went from a thesis by several students of the MBA of the University Adolfo Ibáñez; with which they won the first prize of the MBA Contest 2010 deACTI, to finally be a company. This, After going through all the processes of the "ecosystem of enterprise mobile undertakes clear" year 2011 (project created by this telephone company and IncubaUC business incubator).

Ubimovil - ubiquity and mobility - it is an application that brings together through smart phones to taxi drivers with passengers; It is specifically achieve a faster taxi service, safe and effective, the taxi driver for both the user. Currently, Ubimovil is in its second phase of test, and more specifically in the recruitment process of taxi drivers to join this system. The service, for carriers, It will be initially associated with a plan created especially by Claro Chile, and in the case of passengers, the application can be downloaded free of charge from smartphones of all companies. Currently, is for operating systems Android and IOS, and it will soon be available for Symbian and Blackberry.

Apart from the attitude, feature that Juan Carlos Solari believes it is essential to formulate and implement any enterprise, It also stresses the importance of the orchestration's support networks that attracted the project, as well as service-"very, very good service "-the CREATECH company in a market study" (Market Profile) about Ubimovil. In this regard, said, "it is essential the usefulness of information that come to enrich the project from business idea to sunset up company". Juan Carlos Solari does not hesitate to recommend the services of CREATECH to other entrepreneurs and having these for their next business project.

CREATECH is a consulting firm that analyzes the best way of bringing innovations to market. With a market study Market Profile as that was carried out for the project Ubimovil, what it does is to give an independent view on the commercial feasibility of an innovation, including an analysis of the competition, and some recommendations to the business strategy and for the protection of intellectual property; It analyzes the commercial potential of innovation in several market segments, identifying the needs of end users, the barriers to entry to the market, the pricing structure and the feasibility of the adoption of the innovation.

For more information, visit: Ubimovil.com I am a student Market Profile of CREATECH