María Inés Fernández and Catherine Jelinek, of CREATECH, they participate in the publication Entrepreneurial University spin-off

Adolfo Arata, Professor of the Department of industries of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, together with Francisco Soto, Coordinator of projects in this space, They presented the book Entrepreneurial University spin-off, in which Catherine Jelinek and María Inés Fernández (General manager and Senior project engineer of CREATECH, respectively) participated as partner.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: Project proposed by the UTFSM, where he collaborated CREATECH, receives CLP 540 millions of FONDEF r & d funding

The scientific research project "analysis and generation of data base of potential energy and emissions of biofuels of national interest (D09I1070)”, presented by the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, and helped in its formulation by CREATECH, was one of the winners of the 17TH contest of FONDEF projects. In charge of this is the Dr. Francisco Cereceda, This same University environmental technology centre.     Read more …


The Bayh-Dole Act compliance 30 years

The 2010 you've seen meet the thirty years since it was passed the Bayh-Dole Act in United States.

This law unifying and reforming the system of intellectual property in that country. Described by The Economist in 2002 as "the legislative most inspired piece adopted in United States in the last half-century […]”, This helped to unlock all the knowledge achieved with the taxpayers money.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: R & d project for the "Manufacture" of the UTFSM area, where he collaborated CREATECH, receives CLP 320 millions of FONDEF funding

The project "development of materials for recapados asphalt used in the rehabilitation of deteriorated paving" (D09I1174)”, directed by Carlos Manuel Wahr Daniel, the Technical University Federico Santa Maria (UTFSM), He was one of the winners by contest 17TH funds of development to scientific and technological development (FONDEF), the National Commission for scientific and technological research (CONICYT). CREATECH support within this project was the participating in the study of prior art and in the formulation of this before submission to FONDEF.     Read more …


MBA Contest 2010 acti, with broad participation by CREATECH, ends successfully

MBA Contest 2010, the second version of the business plan competition based on TI, rewarding the "Mobile link" project is complete. In second and third place, the award-winning projects were "Inteligenxia Analitycs” and “Override Weight Analytic”, respectively.

MBA Contest is a competition organized by ACTI and supported by Innova Chile, CORFO, and it aims to promote "new projects with a technological base" and strong development projections. The participants of this contest are, both races ICT undergraduate students, MBA students. At the call of the year 2010, a few 200 projects participated in the contest, of which only six went on to the final.     Read more …


Catherine Jelinek, of CREATECH, He teaches courses in Mexico on the transfer of technology

He successfully completed the 22 October of 2010, in Cuernavaca, Mexico, the second version of the program Rosales (Advanced training of specialists in effective bonding and technology transfer program), which began in León, Guanajuato, in June of the same year. Rosales program seeks to, through training in various formats, generate technical skills, create global networks and obtain a value acquisition through international experiences for professionals in this area. ROSALES 2010 It was developed for ADIAT (Mexican Association of Directors of the applied research and technological development) and was led by Patrick Jones (former President of AUTM - Association of University Technology Managers - and head of the Office of transfer of technology of the University of Arizona) and Teresa of Leon (professional technology transfer), and it also combined a body of international professors linked to AUTM with Mexican counterparts to train professionals in universities and Mexican research institutes with respect to the matter of transfer of technology.     Read more …


The international society which brings together specialists in licensing, LES, is sponsored by CREATECH in Santiago de Chile to organize your event "Latin America Innovation Tour 2010"

Representatives of the national teams of them (Licensing Executives Society) in United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, they worked together throughout the year 2009 in order to prepare an international tour - composed of conferences and meetings – to CREATECH, among other institutions, sponsored.

The second version of this Latin American tour of innovation, the "Latin America Innovation Tour 2010", was carried out of the 5 to the 11 September 2010 in Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and São Paulo (Brazil).     Read more …


CREATECH provides its expertise Programme ACTI "Management of the innovation in enterprises ICT"

The general manager of CREATECH, Catherine Jelinek, together with the Senior project engineer of the same company, María Inés Fernández, they exerted of rapporteurs "Workshop of development of technology and new opportunities of market" held in Santiago de Chile between August and September. This part of the program, private and certified, for members of ACTI (the Chilean Association of companies of information technology), organized by the USACH and sponsored by Innova Chile, CORFO.     Read more …


The business plans competition winners are announced 2010, of Incuba2, where the CREATECH contributes with a Marketing Plan

The business plan competition 2010, of Incuba2 (the Antofagasta Region business incubator), he unveiled the winners of the latest version of this event in August of 2010, version in which were awarded four mining projects, tourism and health.     Read more …


Catherine Jelinek, General manager of CREATECH, made part of the first training them in Chile

from left to right we see Victor Mora (University of Bío-Bío), Rodrigo Leon (Study Silva), Juan Cristóbal Gumucio (Sargent & Krahn), Hayley French (Novartis Pharma AG) and Catherine Jelinek (CREATECH)

Catherine Jelinek, General manager of CREATECH, He served as an instructor of the first training them (Licensing Executives Society) in Chile, developed from the 3 to the 5 August.

"Intensive course in intellectual property and licensing", also called (by them) IAM 100, organized by the society LES Chile, It lasted for a day and his assistants acquired a diploma issued by LES international. This was a course that had already been provided in 25 sometimes in different countries and that turned to those interested in the area of licensing - to lawyers and individuals or entities generating intellectual property assets, to University (both teachers and students), and entrepreneurs and businessmen - who had no previous experience in the topic.

    Read more …