CREATECH cases: The project "Cadastre of the resource energy associated to waves for the support to the evaluation of projects of generation of energy wave", advised by CREATECH in its formulation, WINS funding from CORFO

The project entitled "Cadastre of the resource energy associated to waves for the support to the evaluation of projects of generation of energy wave", led by the National Institute of hydraulic (INH), It was awarded a prize in the national competition of public goods for innovation 2009, from InnovaChile (CORFO). This pre-competitive innovation project was supported in its formulation, before submission to the contest, by CREATECH professionals.     Read more …


Catherine Jelinek presents "Commercialization of technologies" in UTFSM, for the spin-off Workshop of 3IE

The International Institute for business innovation (3IE), the Technical University Federico Santa Maria, conducted last Thursday 19 November workshop "spin-off. The Interior of business innovation".

In the event, the presentation was conducted by Catherine Jelinek (General Manager of the company CREATECH), who with his exhibition, entitled "commercialization of technologies", It conducted an analysis of the country as a market of technological innovations. In this, the specialist said the importance of help is a process to evaluate the ideas within companies and the relevance of the applications needed to manage market risks.     Read more …


LES Chile, with the participation of María Inés Fernández of CREATECH, support to the Ministry of economy in the development of the site innovacion.cl

Support to the Ministry of economy Committee was chaired by professionals of LES Chile (Licensing Executives Society – Chile) and it also counted with the collaboration of María Inés Fernández (Project engineer in CREATECH).     Read more …


CREATECH presents the results of the "study of market of Eco business", that made for Center INNOVO ECO20 contest

Luis linen and María Teresa Santander of Innovo USACH, María Inés Fernández and Catherine Jelinek of CREATECH, along with other exhibitors and organizers of the competition ECO20

Catherine Jelinek (General Manager) and María Inés Fernández (Project engineer), CREATECH company, They presented the results of the study "Study of market of Eco business", ECO20 center business plan competition developed I INNOVO at the University of Santiago de Chile (USACH).

Within the framework of this competition ECO20 held a conference entitled “Challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship at Eco-Negocios” to present to the participants all entrepreneurs interested in environmentally friendly business should know. This seminar took place in the Hall of honour of USACH Wednesday 25 November, and it had several exhibitions of representatives of the Middle, both public and private, front of would-be entrepreneurs in ecobusiness.     Read more …


CREATECH presents the results of the "market study, ECO20: EcoAlimentos, Eco-technologies and eco-tourism"for the contest ECO20, INNOVO USACH's

ECO20 contest 2009, the first ecobusiness venture contest, the first edition is developed with great success in this. It is a project organized by INNOVO incubated business incubator, of the USACH, and which CREATECH (consulting firm innovations for its entry to the market) It has sponsored to developing a study to guide entrepreneurs: the "market study, ECO20: EcoAlimentos, Eco-technologies and eco-tourism", by Catherine Jelinek and María Inés Fernández, General Manager and Senior project engineer, respectively.     Read more …


CREATECH signed a cooperation agreement with DICTUC to establish a program of cooperation with IncubaUC

In the context of the launch of IncubaUC, the new Catholic University business incubator (that links to the previous GeneraUC and VentanaUC), held the signing of an Alliance posed by continuity and strengthening of existing cooperation between this institution and the company CREATECH.     Read more …


Expotecnologica 2009 It featured a presentation of María Inés Fernández (CREATECH) in the discussion on technology transfer

Attendees to the international undertaking morning, in the Expotecnologica 2009, they could draw on work experience María Inés Fernández (Project engineer in CREATECH) with his presentation "marketing of innovation technology, Intellectual property and competitive intelligence", which was a chat open in technology transfer workshops.     Read more …


CREATECH performs the Roundtable "CREATECH Connect" 2009


The year 2009, CREATECH Connect round table was held on September 1 at Hotel Neruda (Providence), in Santiago de Chile, and it was titled "The benefits of patenting via PCT for innovation University". His audience was composed of technology transfer and intellectual property managers and researchers from major universities in the country, In addition to representatives of incubators of business and legal studies.

CREATECH Connect ® is the brand name for networking events organised by the company occasionally, When detected fundamental needs or opportunities to disseminate their experience in the area.

The PCT is the Patent Cooperation Treaty, which brings together countries (currently there are more than 120 the undersigned), which created a union which facilitates, simplify and economize when applying for patenting an innovation in several countries at the same time. This Patent Cooperation Treaty is basically used by companies, research institutions and universities, and it is precisely for the latter was performed this version 2009 of CREATECH Connect, focused on presenting the benefits of this system to the Chilean universities.     Read more …


MBA contest 2009, acti, CREATECH consultant stands out as main sponsor

Hector Aguayo and Paulo Benitez, of Phoenix, Catherine Jelinek, General Manager of CREATECH, and Miguel Perez, President of ACTI

The MBA contest 2009 It was organized by ACTI and co-financed by Innova Chile, CORFO. Their objective focused on support and encourage dynamic entrepreneurship among students of any Chilean University MBA program.

The idea was focused on validating the business ideas of these students face a qualified jury, to receive feedback, as well as specialized consulting, and in obtaining public and private funding in addition to these projects underway. The winning project of the first place in this edition of the contest, the "Phoenix" project, It was devised by Héctor Aguayo and Paulo Benitez, students of the Universidad del Desarrollo.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: Mauricio Solar and Hernan Astudillo (UTFSM) earn CLP 332 million in the sixteenth r & d FONDEF competition for his project "Semantic identification and automatic composition of teaching material for specialized domains"

The 16th version of the competition of projects of research and development (R & D), FONDEF's, for the first time it is allocated to projects that are responsible for the public interest; i.e., It will focus on projects in which research and development is essential for the public and social policies, and those who also have a large number of beneficiaries.     Read more …