CREATECH collaboration stands in the "competition of creativity, Innovation and patenting", of the USACH

In April of this year, the Department of technology management, of the Vice Presidency of research and development (VRID) of the USACH (University of Santiago de Chile), He called on the patenting of innovations entitled "creativity contest contest, innovation and patenting". Contest which was held in conjunction with companies Johansson & Langlois and CREATECH (on behalf of its U.S. partner Foresight Science and Technology).     Read more …


Catherine Jelinek presents "Innovation marketing" for the event of closure of the second contest of Austral incubates "Contest of Business Ideas", and your company CREATECH also participates with several prizes in the contest

DeCatherine Jelinektitulada "Innovation marketing" talk, held within the day arranged for the finalists of the"Ideas of business" teams, Austral incubated (incubator of the Austral University of Chile), submit your projects to an Executive Committee.

This day, performed the 7 December of this year, It was that put the end point to this second edition of the "Business Ideas contest"; day in which, After be presented profiles of business projects of the selected computers, everyone could learn the lessons that taught the named General Manager with your presentation to, At last, attend the awards ceremony for the winner; that on this occasion was a team made up of entrepreneurs Sergio Flández, Bartolo Pacheco and Gerardo Pacheco, of the city of Osorno.     Read more …


CREATECH cases: "CONTEXTA, Platform for semantic integration and context management of distributed heterogeneous collections", Dr. Hernan Astudillo (UTFSM), WINS contest 2006 FONDEF r & d

The XIII contest of r & d of FONDEF projects awarded, in its version 2005, conCLP130 million (USD 277.000), the project of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, entitled "CONTEXTA, Platform for semantic integration and context management of distributed heterogeneous collections".     Read more …


The General Manager of CREATECH presents "Technology marketing" for a the 3ie Conference, Technology Business Network

In the Technical University Federico Santa Maria (UTFSM), in Valparaiso, This month of October was a technological event of the International Institute for innovation business 3ie entitled "Technology Business Network", which focused on the theme of innovation and management applied to the enterprise.

The event intended to be a platform of meeting for business leaders who put all their cards on the entrepreneurship, innovation and the relationship between universities and businesses. I find that it also highlighted by the international character of its exhibitors, also from United States (for example James Watzke, Associate Director of BCIT Technology Centre), Korea (with Yeong-Cheul has, Director of Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency), Brazil and Chile.     Read more …


"CREATECH Connect tour: Idea to Market"benefits to researchers and entrepreneurs from the North to the South of Chile

(from left to right) Patrick L. Jones, Amy Lemay, Timo Törmälä, the representative of CONACYT, Brian Barnett and Phyl Speser

Of the 16 to the 20 October of this year, CREATECH, consulting firm in the commercialization of innovations, toured throughout Chile (Antofagasta, Santiago, Valparaiso, Conception and Valdivia) to raise awareness - through international specialists and its General Manager,Catherine Jelinek - and mainly to encourage and stimulate more, the transfer to the market of the innovations made in the area of science and technology. Turning that you served as baptism for the newly created company, accompanied by some of his international collaborators.

University public-facing, laboratories, of companies, or investors, among others, This event organized by CREATECH had the support of the bicentenary program of science and technology, CONICYT and the World Bank, and it had the patronage of the AmCham and laSCL, as well as the sponsorship of Foresight Science and Technology Enterprise and prestigious national universities.     Read more …


The Lady Jelinek exhibits at the meeting of LES in New York

Of the 10 to the 14 in September of this year was held in New York (United States) the annual meeting of LES USA/Canada. LESI (Licensing Executives Society International) It is the executives of licensing each year carried out meetings to bring together all the experts at the international level, which they can share experiences and best practices in this field.     Read more …