The General Manager of CREATECH participates as a juror in the second version of the "technology and business 2005 contest 3ie", in its Industrial property category

Catherine Jelinek, founder and General Manager of the consulting company specialized in the commercialization of innovations CREATECH, He participated by examining projects in two rounds of evaluation in the second edition of the "Technology and business 2005" incubator 3ie.

In the competition of the incubator of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, called 3ie, they could register both students, as teachers, officials and researchers at the educational institution; Although you could add these participants, to carry out projects, people from different universities.     Read more …


"Seminar and ceremony of licensing SCL"

In this month of August was formalized the SCL(Sociedad Chilena de licensing). "With the idea of"create a network of executives from licensing that are educated in legal aspects and business in Chile to facilitate technology transfer, the licensing of intellectual property and the use of intellectual property in business to high professional standards and the application of the rules and relevant laws”, in July of this year its founders had gathered to plan the launch of named society under the guidance of LESI (Licensing Executives Society International ).     Read more …


In Chile and Latin America licensing survey is published in les Nouvelles

Since November of 2004 January of 2005, Mauricio González (of DICTUC - subsidiary of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile-) yCatherine Jelinek(General Manager of innovations CREATECH marketing consultant) They carried out a survey on the subject of licensing in this Andean country. This activity was part of an initiative Pan Americas Committee of LES International (Licensing Executives Society International).     Read more …


Recognizes the launch of the Chilean society of licensing in the "LES International Conference 2005"

Catherine Jelinek surrounded by Fernando Sáenz (to the left) and Juan Cristóbal Gumucio (to the right) represenantes of SCL in the "International Delegates Meeting" at the LES International Conference 2005 (Munich)

The Licensing Executives Society International developed its annual meeting, "LES International Conference 2005" in Munich (Germany), of the 12 to the 15 June, and as attached activity developed the "International Delegates Meeting" - which included several representatives of Chile, proponents of the Chilean society of licensing (SCL) –; I find that it got important formal recognition, by LESI, laSCLcomo chapter formation under the rules established this company developing.     Read more …


Catherine Jelinek (based in Chile with the CREATECH company) He attends the annual meeting of LESI, where is spokesman for the situation of interest in Latin America

Catherine Jelinek at the entrance of the Arabella Sheraton Grand Hotel (Munich)

The global community formed by the Licensing Executives Society International partners developed its annual meeting, "LES International Conference 2005", in the Arabella Sheraton Grand Hotel in Munich (Germany), of the 12 to the 15 June, bringing executives, around the world, specializing in the licensing of intellectual property, to share good practices relating to this theme.     Read more …